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IB MYP Science Tutoring

Since 2008, our team of experienced IB Science tutors has been helping MYP students excel on IB MYP Science. Whether your child needs help on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and/or other units, we can help. We can create a personalised support plan for each student to help them develop the relevant skills necessary to excel on IB MYP science and achieve their target grades. 

Private one-on-one and semi-private classes are available, both in person at our centre or online. 

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About IB MYP Science

The IB MYP Science curriculum seeks to cultivate students’ scientific knowledge, investigation skills and critical thinking abilities. It focuses on fostering an understanding of the scientific method and its applications in the real world. Through exploring scientific concepts, engaging in hands-on investigations and making connections between scientific knowledge, society and environment, the curriculum hopes to build a foundation leading towards IB DP.

IB MYP Science encompasses a range of scientific disciplines, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science. Through studying these, it is hoped that students will also learn the interconnectedness of the different subjects. 

The curriculum is assessed using four assessment criteria:

  • Criterion A: Knowing and understanding
  • Criterion B: Inquiring and designing
  • Criterion C: Processing and evaluation
  • Criterion D: Reflecting on the impacts of science

IB MYP Sciences has a strong emphasis on the understanding and application of the scientific method. As such, every year, students are required to complete an independent scientific investigation that is assessed using Criterion B and Criterion C. Otherwise, formative and summative assessments are usually marked based on a combination of two to three different criteria.

The curriculum requires students to have an all-rounded understanding of the sciences. Apart from understanding and applying scientific knowledge and scientific methodology, students are also required to reflect on the applications of science, and to articulate their ideas using proper scientific denotations and conventions. 

We understand that this can be a challenging course for students, and therefore are here to help. Contact us to see how our tutors can help.