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Advanced Placement (AP)

Private Tutoring for AP Subjects in Hong Kong

If your child needs AP tuition for any subject, we’re here to help. We have some of the most experienced and best in-class tutors in Hong Kong (HK).

Our experienced AP tutors work with students across a range of AP subjects with lesson plans tailored to their specific needs. All our AP tutors are knowledgeable about the current AP syllabus and are extremely passionate and determined to guide and mentor their students. We offer one-on-one private tuition and group classes.

Our goal is to ensure your child masters his or her academic subjects, while also developing feasible study habits and work ethics for AP courses. We strive to raise all our students to be academically independent and confident in their abilities. More importantly, we hope to impart our own tips and tricks to acing the AP exams and to instill a sense of confidence in our students.

At Aegis Advisors, we believe that all students are talented in their own ways. We seek to help our students discover their hidden abilities through intensive tutorial sessions that will teach them to think critically and comprehensively. We believe that all students can succeed in life.

All our tutors are friendly and approachable. We encourage all our students to be proactive in clarifying doubts to facilitate a more holistic form of learning. Our tutors are more than willing to help students who require additional help!

Advanced Placement (AP)

We offer private tutoring for the following AP subjects:

  • Capstone: Research, Seminar
  • English: Language, Literature
  • History & Social Science: Comparative Government & Politics, Economics, European History, Human Geography, Psychology, US Government & Politics, US History, World History
  • Math: Calculus AB/BC, Statistics
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics
  • World Languages & Cultures: Chinese, French, Spanish


Should there be any queries regarding our rates, classes or availabilities, please feel free to contact us.

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