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IB MYP Individuals and Societies

Since 2008, our team of experienced IB tutors have been helping students excel on IB Individuals and Societies. We create a personalised support plan for each student to help them develop the relevant skills necessary to excel on IB MYP Individuals and Societies and achieve their target grades. 

Private one-on-one and semi-private classes are available, both in person at our centre or online. 

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About IB MYP Individuals and Societies

IB MYP Individuals and Societies is designed to encourage students to respect and understand the world around them, and to help students develop the relevant skills to investigate historical, geographical, political, social, and cultural factors that have an impact on individuals, societies and environments. Students get to explore a wide range of disciplines, from history and economics, to geography and political science. The purpose of the curriculum is so that students can learn to appreciate the diversity of human culture, attitudes and beliefs with a critical eye. As part of the IB curriculum, MYP Individuals and Societies focuses heavily on enquiry and investigation. This entails that the course emphasises on real-life examples, research and analysis.

There are four main objectives on the curriculum, which are translated to relevant assessment criteria:

  • Criterion A: Knowing and understanding
  • Criterion B: Investigating
  • Criterion C: Communicating
  • Criterion D: Thinking critically

These criteria are usually tested in combination with each other in formative and summative assessments. Note that Criterion B is a necessary requirement for all summatives.

IB MYP Individuals and Societies is a challenging course because of the breadth and depth of understanding that is required of students. Not only do they need to have excellent knowledge on the content and the relevant key terms, but they also need a good understanding of the methodology in inquiry, including formulating and justifying research questions, and to reflect on the investigation process and results.

We understand that some students may struggle in IB MYP Individuals and Societies, as it requires a lot of skills from young learners. Contact us to see how our tutors can help.