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IB MYP English Language and Literature aims to develop students’ abilities in understanding and using language, as well as engaging with texts from different periods and cultures. Since 2008, our team of experienced IB English tutors have been helping students excel in IB English. Our tutors create a personalised support plan for each student to develop the relevant skills for IB MYP English, and to guide their learning around the subject. 

Private one-on-one and semi-private classes are available, both in person at our centre or online. 

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About IB MYP English 

In the MYP English curriculum, students are typically exposed to a range of literary and non-literary texts. These can include novels, poems, plays, news articles and biographies. Through engaging with these texts in different ways, students then learn to develop their literary analysis and interpretation skills, which are important to building a solid foundation towards the IB DP.

Apart from literary skills, the curriculum also puts emphasis on exposure to different historical and cultural perspectives, so that students can gain insights into different worldviews, traditions, and social issues. This helps students to grow into more perceptive and empathetic readers who are aware of global issues.

IB MYP English has four main objectives—analysing, organising, producing text, and using language. These four objectives mean that the course is designed so that students can not only understand and appreciate language but can also flesh out their ideas in a coherent and thoughtful manner.

Formative and summative assessments are designed around marking criteria based on the four objectives. IB MYP English assessments can include written assignments, oral presentations, journals, and group projects. When designing these assessments, teachers usually target one to three of the four objectives. To illustrate, a task to write an analysis on a poem would likely target Criterion A (analysing) and Criterion D (using language).

Oftentimes we see IB MYP students struggle with summative assessments despite having a good understanding of the subject. This is because they lack the skills necessary for literary analysis or the exposure and awareness for global issues, and also because they do not pay close enough attention to, or do not understand, these assessment criterias. 

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