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MAP Test Prep Tutoring

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) is a standardised test that is given by some international schools as part of their admissions process. It is also regularly administered at some international schools to track their students’ academic progress. 

Here at Aegis Advisors, our test prep tutors are familiar with the MAP test, including its format and topics covered across different grade levels. Personalised support plans would be devised for each student based on their needs and testing schedule. 

Private one-on-one and semi-private classes are available in person at our center or online. 

Contact us to schedule a mock test or to arrange test prep classes for your child. 

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About the MAP Test

The MAP test is developed by the NWEA to assess a student’s performance and growth in Math, Reading, and Language Usage. It is a computerised adaptive test, which means that the difficulty of the questions are adjusted based on a student’s performance in each question. For example, if the student is answering correctly, then the MAP test will give them more challenging questions; conversely, if the student answers incorrectly, then they will be presented with easier questions. The report takes into account the age of the student and the level of questions that they have been given, providing a holistic approach for assessment.

The MAP test is available for students from kindergarten through to Grade 12. Our tutors have a strong track record of success in helping students prepare for the MAP test and ultimately get accepted at their preferred schools. They support students throughout the test preparation process, including working with them on areas of struggle, teaching important test-taking strategies, and administering periodic mock tests to track progress.