Test Preparation


iDAT Test Prep Tutoring

Aegis Advisors has a proven track record of helping students improve and score well on the International Diagnostic & Admissions Test (iDAT). Our team of experienced tutors can help students familiarise themselves with the types of questions on the test, fill knowledge gaps, and teach important test-taking strategies. 

Private one-on-one and semi-private classes are available in person at our centre or online. 

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About the iDAT

The iDAT covers English, Mathematics, Global Knowledge and Character tests for students who are applying to Year 7 and above. For students who are planning to take the test, familiarisation with the content and the style of the test are paramount to excelling. 

iDAT: English

The English section covers reading and writing, as well as listening and speaking. For reading, students are presented with different genres of texts, and are tested on comprehension as well as language knowledge. For listening and speaking, students are tasked with formal interview questions and summarising tasks.

iDAT: Mathematics

The Math section on iDAT covers what is expected for the age-level of the test taker. These would range from geometry to number sense, and algebra to data-handling.

iDAT: Global knowledge

This section covers logical reasoning questions and critical thinking questions.

The iDAT is a fairly long test, usually over 2 hours even for younger learners, and therefore can be quite demanding. If your child is planning to take the test, contact us to see how we can support you.