What are Ivy League College Admissions Looking For?

The Ivy League includes eight of America’s most prestigious universities. Applying to these schools requires diligence and determination. For those who are successful, the accomplishment is surely one to be proud of. Nevertheless, applying to the Ivy League is not for everyone. There are countless other schools in the United States that offer a quality post-secondary education. 

If you are intent on applying to one or more of the eight Ivy League universities, keep the following tips in mind.

After School Activities and Leadership

Ivy League college admissions emphasize a “holistic” admissions process. This means that SAT and ACT scores and GPA are not everything. Ivy League admissions want to see that you are active outside of your classes and that you are taking leadership positions in your after school activities. This could be anything from Model UN captain to Service Club president or captain of the basketball team.


It should go without saying but Ivy League college admissions want to see that you have excelled in your coursework. Good grades are not enough, however. College admissions will want to see that you consistently challenged yourself in college-level courses like the AP and IB. These courses can be challenging, but don’t fret. You can find AP and IB online tutors for specific courses you need help with. 

If, for example, IB Physics is proving to be difficult then you could look for an IB Physics tutor to help you out. Or if IB Economics doesn’t make sense, then you could hire an IB Economics tutor to support you. If you are worried about your grades or wish to achieve higher scores, consider having in-person private tutoring in Hong Kong to support your academic endeavours.


While SAT and ACT scores are not everything, they do give colleges a window into how well prepared you are for college level coursework. Getting a good score on the SAT and ACT exams can significantly boost your chances of acceptance. This is an area where, once again, hiring a private tutor can be extremely useful. SAT tutors and ACT private tutors are experts in exam preparation and have helped countless students increase their SAT and ACT scores significantly.

There is no such thing as a perfect application

A large fraction of incoming Ivy League students do not have “perfect” applications. In high school, it’s not possible to do everything right: get the perfect GPA, SAT score, or participate in the right clubs. This is where the college essay comes in. 

The essay is your chance to show the admissions officers who you are as a person, and it can make up for weaker points on your application. If you feel you need help to craft the perfect college essay, it is highly recommended that you hire a private tutor, whether in Hong Kong or online, who specialises in college admissions counselling and/or English tutoring. These private tutors can make sure your essay maximises your potential and sets you on a path toward success in Ivy League college admissions.

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