Balancing Relaxation and Productivity: Maximize Your Winter Break with an IB Online Tutor

As we enter November, many students start thinking about the fast-approaching winter break. For many, breaks from school are purposefully designed to provide periods of rest in the school year. However, many students often ask me if they should use breaks to work on school assignments. Especially in highly demanding International Baccalaureate classes, some students feel that break is the only time they have to catch up on work or get ahead. Regardless of where in the world you go for vacations, if you have an IB online tutor, you can engage with content in a structured way. There are many benefits to completing some work over breaks, but finding a balance is key. In this article, we discuss some ways to balance work and rest in order to have a fulfilling and well-rounded winter break. 

Here are some reasons why it is crucial to include rest and relaxation over winter breaks: 

Avoiding Burnout. The school year can be incredibly demanding, and the relentless pursuit of academic excellence can take a toll on your physical and mental health. School breaks offer a chance to recuperate, recharge, and prevent burnout, which is essential for your long-term well-being. Hopefully with some time away from school and your IB subjects, you are excited to jump back in after your break is over. 

Fighting Off Sickness. The cold winter weather can be a breeding ground for various illnesses. Adequate rest and relaxation help bolster your immune system, reducing the risk of falling victim to seasonal illnesses. Staying healthy ensures that you can return to your academic pursuits in top form. 

Mental Health. Taking time for yourself during the winter break is essential for maintaining good mental health. Reducing stress, practicing self-care, and finding time for hobbies you enjoy can significantly improve your overall well-being. Think of this as your first priority over break, while your IB online tutor’s job can be to help you manage academic pressures.

Let’s say your winter break is long this year, extending to two weeks or more. In these cases, you may find yourself feeling the urge to stay connected to your academics. Here are three ways to do this without sacrificing your rest and relaxation:

Catch Up. Letting overdue tasks hang over your head can actually lead to more stress, and a less relaxing break. If you’ve fallen behind on your coursework during the semester, winter break can be an excellent opportunity to catch up. Whether it’s completing assignments, reviewing missed lectures, or tackling subjects that have proven challenging, addressing these gaps in your knowledge can actually reduce stress and enhance your overall understanding of the material. So once you’ve caught up on sleep and had time to yourself, maybe think about making a session with your IB online tutor to make a plan to tackle your missed work. 

Stay Engaged. Sometimes students complain of feeling bored over long breaks. If that is the case for you, perhaps you want to engage your brain by working with your IB online tutor to ensure you are not losing the knowledge you gained in the fall. Setting up a session or two with your IB online tutor to review key ideas, complete practice problems or ask questions will help consolidate your understanding, refreshes your memory, and ensures you’re better prepared for the upcoming term. A brief daily review can go a long way in maintaining your academic progress without feeling overwhelming.

Getting ahead. For those students with ambitious goals, getting ahead on your coursework for the upcoming term can be an excellent choice. Pre-reading textbooks or familiarizing yourself with the syllabus can alleviate future stress and help you start the new semester on a positive note. However, keep in mind that this is never necessary in school. But, for example, if you find you often fall behind on IB English reading during the term, try starting a little book club with you and your IB online tutor or a friend! 

Overall, finding a reasonable balance between work and rest can be a very rewarding experience. Engaging with academics in a low-pressure way over breaks can be beneficial as it provides you with structure, keeps you feeling engaged, and reduces build-up stress. 
Regardless of the subject you are studying, Aegis Advisors has a team of experienced and engaging IB online tutor who are here for you. Contact us today to see how we can help on your IB journey this winter break.