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Private Tutoring for Secondary School Students in Hong Kong

Secondary School Level English | Math | Science

A successful academic career stems from a good foundation. We specialize in foundation building with a focus on the core subjects. Our tutors in Hong Kong (HK) use a range of materials from the US and UK curriculums for writing, English, maths, humanities and science. We tailor our materials to suit your child’s academic goals. Our goal is to ensure your child masters his or her academic subjects with meticulous understanding of key concepts, development of practical study habits and work ethics, and achievable long-term goals for their academic futures in HK and beyond. Through intensive writing and practice sessions, we hope to train our students’ stamina and prepare them for more independent pursuits in the future. Our experienced tutors work with students of all ages across a range of subjects, with lessons tailored to their specific academic level and needs. We have over 11 years of experience in education and tutoring in HK – our tutors are passionate about helping all our students achieve their dreams and overcome their mental limitations to become ready to take on any challenge that may come their way.

English National Curriculum (Key Stage)

We offer private tutoring for the following Key Stage subjects:

  • Key Stage I: Mathematics, English
  • Key Stage II: Mathematics, English
  • Key Stage III: Mathematics, English, Science

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Academic Subjects List

We offer private tutoring for the following school subjects:

  • English Foundations
  • English Literature
  • Math Foundations
  • Advanced Math
  • Humanities: History, Geography, Economics, Politics, Religious Studies, etc.
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Modern Languages: Mandarin, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, etc.
  • Classics: Latin, Greek, etc.

Test Preparation

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