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2020 has been an unprecedented year of challenges for everyone, especially for students and parents who are dealing with school closures and the transition to online schooling. Whether you need to catch up, need some extra support with online schooling, or simply need a quiet place to study, we have you covered.

Our in-person and online tutoring courses are tailor-made for students in Hong Kong who want to excel in their studies and get into their top choice schools. At Aegis Advisors, we believe that with proper preparation and practice, every student has the potential to achieve their goals.

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Q&A: Inside the Real “Oxbridge” Interview

My son has received an invitation for an Oxbridge interview. I have read all kinds of general or contradictory advice on the Internet regarding how he should prepare for the interviews. Please could someone elaborate upon what the interview will really be like, what kind of questions are asked, and how exactly we should help him prepare? Thank you so much in advance.

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US Advisor & Athletic Recruitment

Princeton, HKIS

Cindy’s Story

Cindy has over ten years of experience in U.S. boarding school and undergraduate admissions, and also has expertise in student athlete recruitment. She was formerly an active member of the Princeton Alumni Representative Committee and interviewed students for admissions.

Cindy graduated from Princeton University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in History and East Asian Studies. She was also a letter-winner on Princeton's NCAA Division I Varsity Tennis Team. Prior to Princeton, Cindy attended Hong Kong International School and was a top player on the Hong Kong National Tennis Team.



U.K. Advisor & Career Specialist


Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer graduated with Honours from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences and Anthropology. Prior to attending Cambridge, she studied at one of the top secondary schools in Scotland, Robert Gordon’s College. Jennifer specialises in U.K. boarding school and university admissions, and has helped many students secure offers from top schools including Oxford and Cambridge.

Prior to joining Aegis, Jennifer worked in investment banking with UBS in London and Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong. She also worked in the recruitment industry with a diverse range of top tier multinationals in identifying and hiring talent, and brings that experience and expertise in heading the Internship & Career Advisory arm of Aegis Advisors.

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For parents, this means a more relaxed and stress-free life at home. For students, this means countless hours saved and a huge confidence boost as you stride onto the next stage of your academic career.

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UK Advisor & International School Specialist

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