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Aegis Advisors is committed to making an impact on the lives of students and families. We have been working with families across Asia to provide admissions consulting, test preparation, and primary to secondary school tutoring since 2008.


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About Aegis Advisors

About Aegis Advisors

Aegis Advisors is one of Hong Kong’s leading educational services company with a track record since 2008 of helping students get into top boarding schools and universities in the US and the UK, as well as international schools in Hong Kong. We provide support and guidance throughout the entire educational lifespan. Our team of experienced admissions consultants, academic tutors and test-prep experts work together with clients to help them realise their full potential.

Aegis Advisors has tutors who specialise in every academic subject across the IB, AP, IGCSE and A-Level curriculums. We also have a team of admissions consultants and entrance test prep tutors to support students applying for US and UK boarding schools and universities, as well as international schools in Hong Kong.


“We were blessed to have Aegis Advisors, Cindy, Dan and their team of admissions consultant working with our three children through their high school years. They all managed to get into their respective dream schools, namely Dartmouth, Tufts and Claremont McKenna. As parents, we learnt that despite the excellent work of the school counselors, children benefited a lot from very individualized guidance and empowerment from caring and experienced advisors like Aegis Advisors. Competition for a place in a top tier college has become overwhelmingly hard and confusing for children, and as parents we were so glad that Aegis was there to help us and our children go through a very lengthy, competitive and challenging application process, three times over a period of eight years. Cindy, Dan and their team were not only professional admissions consultants. They were (and still are) friends to our whole family and even today stand ready to help our youngest daughter cope with her freshmen year! Thank you Aegis.”

C. Chui

Parent of students in Dartmouth, Tufts & Claremont McKenna

Having worked with Aegis Advisors through both the undergrad and post grad processes, I can wholeheartedly say it’s an amazing consulting service. The team gave 100% as we worked across time zones! They also made the effort to really understand me and my interests and as a result helped me build an authentic voice and a successful profile. Their personal investment in the students really sets them apart. Couldn’t recommend them more!


Student at Top 5 Liberal Arts & Columbia University

My children have been receiving tuition from Aegis Advisors for several years. The professionalism and standard of teaching has been superb. The team is very responsive and proactively made suggestions throughout. The additional support that can be provided in the admissions process allows them to really tailor the approach to our children whom they know well from the tuition process. I would highly recommend Aegis Advisors to other parents looking for a strong education and advisory partner to complement their child’s core education.


Parent of CDNIS students

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for the tutors at Aegis Advisors, including, without limitation, Lucy, Hazel and Kyle. The tutors were patient and demonstrated remarkable knowledge and proficiency in the IB curriculum. They played a significant role in preparing Julian for his IB exams. With their guidance, Julian secured admission to his first choice university. I would recommend Aegis Advisors to parents seeking academic support and guidance for their children.


Parent of IB student

Aegis is our beacon of light. During the COVID years, when the rest of the world’s schools returned to face-to-face learning, we worried that our children would fall behind due to prolonged online learning.  After spending a small fortune knocking on a few wrong doors, we met the Aegis team. They assessed, evaluated, and analyzed our children’s academic standings, and went straight to our objectives without detouring. Furthermore, they took us to the next level to think strategically about our children’s education going forward. The team genuinely cares about our children, takes the time to know them (and us as parents), and guides us through the maze of education in Hong Kong and abroad. We are very grateful for what they do and will continue to engage them in our children’s education journey.


Parent of CIS & GSIS offer holder

“Aegis Advisors made a real difference in my child’s application process. The tutor was very professional, very familiar with the culture, criteria and interview format of our target schools, and was extremely effective in getting my child familiar with the types of questions she would face and the types of activities she would be engaged in during the interview. The tutor was also really effective in not just teaching, but nurturing positive behavior and good performance at the interview. With the tremendous help from Aegis, my child was admitted to HKIS, our top choice.”


Hong Kong International School

“We thank Aegis Advisors for all their hard work, dedication, encouragement, and support to our family. They worked tirelessly with us through every step of the international school admissions process, and our children ultimately got accepted at HKIS, which was a dream come true for us. We highly recommend Aegis and believe they can help more families and children realize their educational dreams.”

Sherry Sha

Parent, Hong Kong International School


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