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Admissions Consulting

Undergraduate Studies

Top Consultants for US and UK University Admissions

At Aegis Advisors, we are firm believers of investing early and wisely in a child’s education. Over the past 15 years, our team of university admissions consultants in Hong Kong and Singapore have provided families with the comprehensive mentorship, guidance and support necessary for their children to get accepted at the top US and UK universities.

US University Admissions

Our 15-year track record of placing students into top universities including the Ivy Leagues is unparalleled. Our team of US university admissions consultants from Hong Kong and Singapore aid, guide and mentor students throughout high school. Our services for US university admissions include hands-on support through every step of the application process.

  • 95% of our students were accepted into their top choice schools
  • 85% of our students who aimed for the Ivy League or the top 30 universities were accepted
Student Assessment
Mentorship & Coaching
Academic Planning
Extracurricular Development
ISEE/SSAT Preparation
Application Strategies
School Selections
Student Statement Assistance
Interview Preparation
Art Portfolio Assistance
Athletic Recruitment Strategies
Waitlist Assistance

UK University Admissions

For the past 15 years, our team has guided students through every step of the UK university application – namely, the UCAS and Oxbridge application processes. Our goal is to ensure that our students truly stand out in their applications to increase their chances of getting accepted at their dream universities in the UK.

  • 85% of our students who applied for Oxbridge, LSE or Imperial received offers
  • 95% of our Hong Kong based students received offers at their top 2 university choices
  • 100% of our students who applied for Economics, Law and Veterinary Medicine courses received offers

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong & Other Countries

Our consultants in Hong Kong are also experienced in admissions to universities in Hong Kong, Canada, Australia and other countries. Contact us for more details.

Transfer Student Applications

Hoping to transfer to another university that is better suited for you? No matter where you are at, our consultants are here to assist. We have helped many students get a second chance at securing a place at their dream schools.

Why Aegis Advisors

Our team of admissions consultants has years of experience in the industry. We have helped countless students complete their US and UK university applications.

Along with US and UK university application consultant services, we also offer a range of other services, including boarding school admission servicesinternational school admission advisory servicesSAT and ACT test preparationprivate tutoring, and more.

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We were very blessed to have Aegis Advisors work with us and our daughter through her high school years. Our daughter’s hard work and Aegis’ counselling landed her a prized place at her top choice Ivy League, Dartmouth. They took time to understand our expectations, our daughter’s academic and extracurricular interests and aspirations, and acted as a bridge to our daughter throughout the entire process. We have now entrusted them with our son on his upcoming university applications and are confident that they’ll repeat the great work that they did for our daughter.

C. Chui
Parent, Dartmouth College

Aegis Advisors was invaluable in helping me realise my dream to read Law at Cambridge University. My advisor helped me get familiarised with the entire process, helped make ‘my voice’ shine through in my personal statement and ensured I was portraying myself in the most favourable way. She also prepped me intensively and thoroughly for both the assessments and interviews, so that I was able to walk into them calmly and confidently, knowing that I would be able to perform at my best.

Student, Cambridge Law

Thank you Aegis Advisors for really being there for our family through this strenuous process. What stood out most for me was how much the team genuinely cared. They took the time to get to know us and our needs. Their support extended far beyond the key components of the application process. Our advisor regularly checked in on us and was always very responsive. She became a mentor to my child and an advisor that I could lean on. The whole team at Aegis was just as excited as we were when we finally received the offers.

Parent, Cambridge Law

From the start, NYU was my dream school. It was a reach but Aegis held my hand through every step of the way and gave me all the support I needed to reach my goal. At Aegis, you will find the friendliest tutors and advisors, and unlike most other centers, they really care about you. They were always responsive, always checking in on me, and always had my back. Thank you Aegis, I couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Ethan Yue
Student, NYU

Aegis Advisors helped us navigate the difficult and long undergraduate admissions process. While there were moments of doubt and difficulty, Aegis helped by motivating, informing, and supporting our family. They helped shape my son’s interests into passions, his essays into stories, and his dream into a reality. Going into the process, our own school counsellor had said verbatim, “There are reach schools and there are ultra-reach schools. Your ED is an ultra-reach.” Thanks to Aegis, that ultra-reach became a reality. I highly recommend Aegis Advisors – they were invested in my son’s success and we could not have done it without them.

Parent, New York University

The Ivy League had always been an untamable beast. It was a dream that would never become a reality. Aegis helped me tame that beast, and made my dream of admission to Columbia University a reality. Since 7th grade, through the one-on-one coach sessions, and the expert advice Aegis had to offer in building my testing abilities and profile, I can say that I was motivated from being an average student to striving to be the top of my class. I am finishing Peddie cum laude as a boarding student with early admittance to my university of choice. If it weren’t for Aegis, I would’ve just been another mediocre student, enslaved by the college application process.

Columbia University

Aegis Advisors was not only professional, but had a perfect understanding of my child’s needs. They guided my child to excel in the admissions process from personal statement drafting to interview preparation. I really appreciate all the hard work and thoughtfulness from Aegis. I won’t hesitate to recommend Aegis to any parents.

Parent, Royal Veterinary College

Aegis Advisors helped me understand what Cambridge looks for in students at an early stage of my application, which was incredibly beneficial. From discussions about my wider readings and choosing the right college to helping me finalise my personal statement and preparing for my interviews, Aegis not only maximised my chances of securing an offer from Cambridge, but also helped me grow and learn as a student. The tailored mock interviews taught me how to think and approach questions in a new way, an experience I am still grateful for to this day.

Student, Cambridge Natural Sciences

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