Tips for Success on IGCSE English

IGCSE English Language and IGCSE English Literature are two of the most widely taken courses in the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. However, unlike IGCSE math, IGCSE physics, and other courses, there isn’t a set of facts or data to be memorised for IGCSE English. This can make it difficult for students to design study plans, which is a reason some ask for help from English IB tutors in Hong Kong. In this article we provide tips for success in IGCSE English.

Expand your vocabulary

One of the best things you can do to succeed in any English language exam is to develop a wide vocabulary. You can do this by creating flash cards, studying with a partner, hiring an IB English tutor, or playing online vocabulary games. Learning new vocabulary will prepare you for the reading comprehension sections of IGCSE English and will also help make your essays more sophisticated. If you really want to delve into your studies, an IGCSE English tutor can provide you with a list of common words to study.

Read the assigned books

This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but many students who take IGCSE English often do not read their assigned books. If you take the time to read things thoroughly and ask questions during your study sessions with an IB English tutor in Hong Kong, you will have a huge advantage over other test-takers. Reading books will allow you to write sophisticated essays that will stand out from the others.

Annotate when you read

In IGCSE English, it isn’t enough to passively read texts. One of the best ways to improve reading comprehension is by taking notes while reading passages and books. These notes will allow you to efficiently refer back to the text without wasting time. Note-taking is also associated with greater reading comprehension. Students who annotate are more likely to understand the text at a level deep enough to write exemplary analytical essays.

Hire an IGCSE English Tutor

If all else fails, hiring an IGCSE English tutor can be a great way to ensure success. IGCSE English tutors have a deep understanding of course expectations and grading. Insights from any English tutor offering IB courses in Hong Kong are invaluable, especially in a course that can seem highly subjective to the untrained eye. Tutors can also help you create a study plan and schedule so you can ensure that you are well-prepared for the course. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.