Top Two Ways To Prepare for Boarding School in the US (K-12)

Whether you’re from Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, or New York, leaving for boarding school in the US can be a scary thing. But it’s also the beginning of an exciting journey and by the end of it you’ll be more knowledgeable, mature, and ultimately ready to take on the world. But there are, of course, some things you can do to make sure you are best prepared to succeed and make the most of your time at boarding school.

English –

You will be studying in the United States so it’s important to make sure you are ready to speak in English everyday. Most schools will also require students to take English literature and writing courses. Your classmates will include many native speakers so your English proficiency must be high. Additionally, other subjects like math or physics will be taught in English. If your English is not yet at a high enough level there are some things you can start doing right away to improve. First and foremost, you can hire an English tutor or take advantage of many online tutoring opportunities in Hong Kong. Aegis Advisors has many English tutors available for both online tutoring and in-person at our Hong Kong office.


In addition to English, many boarding schools will expect you to have high proficiency in math. Many schools will have both standard and advanced math classes. If your goal is to stand out in the college admissions process then it is essential to qualify for these advanced math classes. To prepare for that process it can be beneficial to hire a private math tutor before departing for America. You can get advanced lessons with the help of an IB maths tutor in Hong Kong. And if you’d like to continue receiving additional help once enrolled Aegis Advisors offers online tutoring from Hong Kong and through our network of tutors around the globe. These tutors can teach subjects like math, physics, or anything else you may need help with.