The benefits of studying abroad during college

You’ve finally gotten in to the school of your dreams… so why would you leave? When you are considering all the opportunities university offers, it’s also worth investigating the study abroad options. Not only does study abroad offer a chance to explore a new country, it can open up new opportunities and provide a fresh perspective.

Study abroad offers the chance to step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself by exploring a new country and culture and experiencing all the wonderful ups and downs of international travel. This is a valuable life experience that can accelerate your personal growth and teach you not only about the world, but about your own home country and yourself!

A major reason to study abroad is to hone your language skills. Whether it’s to learn a completely new language or raise your level in a language you’ve already studied, immersion is the best way to quickly improve. Many study abroad programs offer specialized language study courses.

You can also explore internships and business or research connections abroad. International travel may allow you to connect with expert professors and access specialized research opportunities that are not available in your home university. Our advisors can help you select the best study abroad opportunities to meet your educational goals. Ultimately, it’s a chance to change your perspective, find new friend groups, and build life skills— all while having an incredible adventure!