Tackling IB Math When It’s Not Your Favorite Subject

Naturally, there will be subjects that you like and those that you dislike. But an IB education is not something that will cater to your individual desires — in order to grow intellectually, it is important that students are introduced to a wide range of topics and skills. IB-educated students are meant to be well-rounded, which includes foundational knowledge in math. Yet for many students, math is at the bottom of their preferred subjects. It can be difficult to succeed in IB Math without an interest in the subject, but that does not make it impossible. Your IB math private tutor can show you that there are ways to excel in IB Math, even if your personal interests lie elsewhere. 

Be Realistic

If you are not already someone who loves IB math, you probably will never be that person — and that’s okay! People all have different strengths and weaknesses. It is likely that you excel at another subject, and that someone who is passionate about math finds your favorite subject difficult in turn. Trying to turn yourself into someone else will only make it more challenging to succeed. Instead, accept that IB math might always be something you struggle with. Talk with your IB Math private tutor about what topics you are comfortable with and which you find harder to grasp. Once you understand that about yourself, it will become easier to focus on overcoming this hurdle. 

Lean on Others

Outside help is especially useful for subjects that you find difficult, like IB math. It can be easy to handle a subject on your own when you already enjoy it, but a private tutor will be able to motivate you when you are incapable of that yourself. An IB Math private tutor can demonstrate to you how IB math is usable in the world outside of academia, in addition to teaching you the subject in a manner most suitable to your personal learning style. Sometimes, we need to hear someone else share how they find joy in a subject in order to understand it better ourselves. 

Adopt a Positive Mindset

You might never become an IB Math prodigy, but do not let that dissuade you from working hard on the subject! There is truth to the “fake it ‘till you make it” attitude. Your IB Math private tutor can help you maintain a positive outlook during your work. On the other hand, the more you associate IB Math with negativity, the harder it will be to change that narrative. Try to look at your least-favorite subject as an added challenge. Achievements in IB Math will mean even more to you if it requires more effort. It might not be a big deal to you to do well on a subject you enjoy, but even small accomplishments in IB Math can motivate you to continue to do well. Reframe the way you think about the subject, and you will see more progress than you could have imagined. Let your IB Math private tutor know that even small words of encouragement will go a long way for your personal growth!

Make Connections

One way to think more positively about IB Math is to realize how it connects to other skills or subjects you may be more interested in, a task that your IB Math private tutor can help you with. IB Math is all about analytical development and problem solving. The curriculum stresses real-world applications, which makes it easier to see how you can use the subject in your daily life. The topics you learn in IB Math can help you down the road in a career in finance, economics, science, or any technical field. If those do not pique your interest, try to find examples of math in your favorite activities — like chess or films. Your IB Math private tutor is sure to have excellent examples as well. They can help you find entertaining examples of math in the media that you can watch in between your assignments!

Stick to a Plan

Creating a manageable plan for your work is even more important when it is a subject that you do not have a personal stake in. If IB Math is not your favorite, then you have to make sure you set reasonable goals for yourself. You and your IB Math private tutor can use your curriculum to figure out what your mile markers will be, and give yourself extra time to understand the different concepts. It might take you longer to learn some of the topics, so prepare for that in advance. Even a subject like IB Math will seem less stressful once you break it down into a clear schedule.

All students inevitably reach a topic that they cannot seem to crack or enjoy. Do not let that stop you from succeeding! By using the suggestions listed above while working with your IB Math private tutor, you are sure to improve, regardless of your personal feelings about the subject. Some famous mathematicians notoriously first disliked the subject when they were younger. You never know, that could be you!
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