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Integrating IB English Study into Your Everyday Routine

IB English is more than just an academic subject. It’s a deep dive into a world of literature, critical thinking, and language appreciation. However, with its expansive syllabus and rigorous......

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Commonalities Between Successful Candidates in US Boarding School Interviews

Working as an admissions counselor at a US boarding high school for the past 2 years, I have interviewed a diverse array of candidates. Interviewing prospective students was the best......

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How to Deal with Burnout in IB Math

For many students, IB math is the most challenging course in their degree progression. It requires sustained focus over months and years to excel in the concepts which build on......

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How to Deal with Writer’s Block

As most students and all professional writers know, writer’s block—the feeling of wanting to write but sitting at your computer with nothing to say—is a frustrating but common occurrence in......

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How IB English Tutors Can Foster Critical Thinking Skills

IB English is a challenging subject that encourages students to think more deeply about language and how we communicate. It involves intensive analysis of literature like novels, poetry, and plays......

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