Integrating IB English Study into Your Everyday Routine

IB English is more than just an academic subject. It’s a deep dive into a world of literature, critical thinking, and language appreciation. However, with its expansive syllabus and rigorous expectations, many students find it challenging to keep up. The secret to mastering IB English isn’t necessarily about studying harder, but about studying smarter. By seamlessly weaving a study routine into everyday life, students can accomplish their IB English goals and gain more confidence with the subject. In this blog post, we’ll discuss practical ways to integrate IB English study into everyday activities in a manageable and enjoyable way, as well as how an IB English tutor in Hong Kong can help.  

Start with Daily Reading

The IB English curriculum encompasses a diverse range of texts. By reading class materials (and ideally even some extracurricular materials) on a daily basis, students can become more comfortable interpreting and engaging with different styles of writing. Students should choose a mix of genres: short and engaging styles like newspapers, online articles, or blogs can be an easy way to start. Additionally, daily reading is critical to developing language skills and enhancing vocabulary acquisition. An IB English tutor in Hong Kong can suggest supplementary readings that are well-suited to each student. The tutor can also help the student establish an everyday reading habit by working with them to set specific and achievable reading goals. 

Engage in Conversations

One of the best ways to get more comfortable with the IB English curriculum is to talk about it. Discussing ideas, concepts, and themes (while also using newly learned vocabulary) is a great way to become more familiar with the material. An IB English tutor in Hong Kong is the ideal person to have these types of conversations with. Tutors are experienced and well-versed in the curriculum and so can ensure that conversations are purposeful. Tutors can also push students to think more deeply about the topics and to debate relevant issues. 

Maintain a Vocabulary Journal

Students often find that designating a specific place for new words and phrases can be helpful when it comes time to study for a test. Having a notebook in which a student can write down unfamiliar words that they encounter through the course of their day is an easy way to encourage vocabulary retention. An IB English tutor in Hong Kong can help students review their word list and test them on their vocabulary development so that they are better prepared for class evaluations. 

Incorporate Writing into Your Day

Practice makes perfect. A lot of students find writing essays to be a daunting task, but an easy way to improve writing skills is to write on a regular basis. Students should start a daily journal or diary. It doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy – just adding a little bit of writing practice every day can make a big difference. An IB English tutor in Hong Kong may also be able to help students with writing practice: a tutor can guide the student through writing a summary or reflection on daily readings. The tutor can also point the student toward online forums or blogs related to IB English topics and encourage the student to engage in these forums. 

Embrace Real-Life Contexts

Students tend to enjoy seeing how their class materials play out in “real life”. Students should watch movies or TV shows based on classic literature in order to better understand the context and relevant themes. Students can also attend local theatre productions or visit literature-themed events or exhibitions. An IB English tutor in Hong Kong can be a key resource in helping students identify productions or events that are worth watching or attending. 

Set Weekly Goals

In addition to incorporating IB English studying into everyday life, students should break down their class work into weekly targets. They should set aside dedicated study times and review and adjust goals as needed. An IB English tutor in Hong Kong can help students set goals and remain motivated. 

By incorporating study into everyday life in small ways, students will feel much more comfortable with the IB English material. The key is consistency and making English a part of the everyday experience. 
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