How To Get A* or a 9 in IGCSE Chemistry?

Ordinarily, the Chemistry of things is such an excellent concept; it would have been even more lovely if there was never a need to prove yourself worthy through exams. But reality hits hard, and no matter your love for the subject, a time comes when you have to prove yourself by scaling through an exam. An example of such an exam is the IGCSE Chemistry; not just is it a pre-requisite for advancing your studies if you wish to pursue a career in science, but it is primarily an avenue for you to prove just how much you love the subject.

Anybody can get an A* in IGCSE Chemistry, regardless of their level of expertise. All you need is to study hard, and if you need help to keep up with the content being taught, employ the services of an IGCSE Chemistry tutor. A tutor will guide you on the right path as you prepare and will see that consistent practice is your mantra. Here are a few tips you can leverage to make the best grade in your IGCSE Chemistry.

  1. Study with a Highlighting Pen

It is easy to get lost in your chemistry textbook while studying – finding it difficult to point out important words, phrases, or statements. However, with the highlighting pen, you can spotlight important terms or comments as you read; this helps you to remain focused on the study material. It also improves your ability to remember those important details. 

  1. Teach your Classmates

This is an essential method that many people often overlook as a waste of time when preparing for an exam. But contrary to that, it is very much important. There is no better way to understand and recall what you have studied or learned in class than by teaching others. The saying “The best way to learn is to teach” is true! When you teach, you develop the ability to explain concepts and improve your knowledge. Even though you struggle to explain the topic to the other person, there is no need to worry; once you get it, you are likely never to forget, especially when the same topic appears in your exam.

  1. Never Stop Practicing

By practicing, you can easily remember reactions in chemistry. After your revision, you can write down all the chemical equations from a specific topic. IGCSE past questions on Chemistry are worth practicing. It will help you understand the format of the questions you expect and be familiar with them. 

The IGCSE Chemistry is a challenging but rewarding exam, but only when you are fully prepared. However, if you feel that personal preparation is too overwhelming, an IGCSE Chemistry tutor can provide guidance, ensuring you ace it.