Four Tips for Online IB Chemistry Studying

As the International Baccalaureate (IB) program is renowned for its challenging curriculum, each year thousands of students worldwide select to work with an IB online tutor. While Math and English are typically the most requested subjects, working with tutors in the sciences is popular as well. Chemistry is a challenging IB subject which can be tricky to study online, as it deals with a lot of hands-on lab work and written problem sets. However, supplementing your in-class studying by working with an online tutor can help you efficiently and affordably take your chemistry to the next level. This article covers the top four most helpful tips and tricks to study for the IB chemistry exam, along with suggested resources for you and your IB online tutor ! 

  1. Get organized

 Chemistry covers a large range of topics from atomic structure to thermodynamics. In IB chemistry classes, students often have many pages of notes and hand-outs from class. The first thing to do when you begin studying is get your notes organized. Organizing all of your notes and in class work is crucial in order to ensure that you do not leave out any content while studying. If creating an ordered system for note-taking doesn’t come naturally to you, try asking your IB online tutor for assistance. Together you can create digital folders with Google Drive to store your class notes, assignments, lab reports, and supplemental materials. This ensures quick access to relevant information when studying with your IB online tutor or revising for exams.

  1. Explore Free Online Resources

In the last few years, a large number of online study resources have gained popularity for their accessibility and thoroughness. Two of the most popular sites for students are Khan Academy and Chemguide. Khan Academy offers short video lectures, articles, and practice quizzes, while Chemguide operates more like a reference dictionary of concepts. Taking advantage of resources like these will help you get ahead in your chemistry studies, as they can help you fill in missing notes and provide new approaches. You can even incorporate these resources into sessions with your IB online tutor. Perhaps you can walk through a practice problem together on Khan Academy, or you can try explaining a concept on Chemguide in your own words to your tutor. 

  1. Stay Engaged with Real World Examples

Working with a tutor over zoom can be challenging if you are finding it hard to focus. However, there are plenty of ways to decrease distraction and increase your engagement with your IB online tutor.  Oftentimes, the number one way to keep things engaging is to look at real-world examples. If you are constantly working on equations and theoretical concepts, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. For example, we can use the skills we learn in chemistry to assess the safety of drinking water in our cities, make medicines, or even begin to understand the possibility of life on other planets. Looking for resources to complete online labs and situation-based chemistry exercises? Try out some of the digital labs on ChemCollective with your IB online tutor!

  1. Build a Strong Foundation

In IB chemistry, completing challenging problem sets is key to success in class. However, students often jump to attempt difficult, multi-step problems before they are fully confident with more foundational concepts. If you are finding it hard to explain in your own words basic principles like electronegativity, that might mean it is a good time to return to the basics with your IB online tutor.  Once you have your questions answered and a solid foundation built, you’ll make better use of the practice problems and quizzes. Regular practice not only solidifies your knowledge but also sharpens your problem-solving skills, crucial for excelling in your IB chemistry assessments.

In conclusion, excelling in online IB chemistry requires a combination of effective guidance, resources, and dedication, with your IB online tutor playing a central role. By getting organized, utilizing chemistry-oriented online resources, reviewing the basics and working through real-world problems, you can master the intricacies of IB chemistry. 

Aegis Advisors has a team of experienced and committed online IB tutors who can help you with your chemistry, as well as a full range of subjects across all major curriculums. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Aegis Advisors has a team of experienced and committed private tutors who can help on the IB curriculum as well as a full range of subjects across all major curriculums. Contact us today to see how we can help.