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GCSE / IGCSE Chemistry Tutoring

Since 2008, our team of experienced IGCSE tutors have been helping students excel in GCSE / IGCSE Chemistry. Our tutors are familiar with the syllabi and nuances of the different exam boards, and devise personalised support plans for every student. 

Private one-on-one and semi-private classes are available, both in person at our centre or online. 

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About IGCSE Chemistry

Students studying the IGCSE Chemistry syllabus learn about the world of technology that is immersed in daily life. The major topics covered include the fundamentals of elements, chemical compounds reactions, and the structure of compounds. Students will also learn about the real-life relevance of chemistry knowledge such as through air, health, food and energy, while also brushing up their research skills to prepare them for more advanced learning. 

Mathematical Skills in IGCSE Chemistry

It is worth noting that students are expected to have a good grasp of certain mathematical skills that are assessed for the IGCSE Chemistry syllabus. To give some examples, students are expected to be able to recognise and use standard forms, to apply algebra, and to plot and interpret linear relationships from experimental data. Maths may not be so intuitive to all science students, and your child may find it helpful to have the support of an experienced IGCSE Chemistry tutor who can ensure that the student has a good understanding of the concepts, and is able to apply them to exam questions.

IGCSE Chemistry Exam Board

As with other IGCSE subjects, schools can opt for different exam boards. A popular one used by competitive schools is Edexcel. Under the Edexcel syllabus, Double Award students will take one Chemistry paper, while Triple Award students will take two Chemistry papers. Both papers are written and externally assessed, consisting of multiple choice, short answer and extended open response questions. 

IGCSE Chemistry requires students to have a good understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. Performing well in IGCSE Chemistry will provide a good transition into IB or A-Levels, which is especially important for students who are aiming to study sciences such as Psychology or Medicine at university level. If you find your child struggling to keep up with the content being taught at school or struggling to do well in the exams, you may consider engaging an IGCSE Chemistry tutor who is experienced in guiding students through the challenging learning journey. 

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