Why work harder than needed for IB Math? The Benefits of Utilizing IB Math Tutoring Services

Math is a beautiful subject of study, drawing many students to its clear, concise answers and ability to be learned by repetition. While these facets make studying math very satisfying to certain people’s brains, the folks that struggle with numbers might need to work twice as hard to make sense of the steps of a problem. This is where IB math private tutors from Aegis Advisors come in. Math is a building block subject. If you don’t understand addition, you can’t do algebra. If you can’t do algebra, you will struggle with graphing. If you can’t graph, good luck with understanding the concepts in calculus. To succeed in a challenging course like IB Math, students need to be experts in these building blocks to keep pace with the course. Aegis Advisors IB math private tutors can keep students up to date and working consistently for success. 

In our tutors’ experience, early repetition of mathematical concepts is helpful in IB math. We start the year with a quick review of everything a student should know before beginning the IB course. We know that the new year starts after a long summer and sometimes, what was simple in May, might feel complicated in August. Because a solid base is so important, our IB math private tutors often work with students in the few weeks leading up to school to remaster the key concepts and remind our students’ brains how to think analytically. We’ve found that this approach sets up students for success in their IB math course and allows them to focus on the new material from the first day of school rather than spending valuable study time reviewing what they should already know. 

As the school year begins, our IB math private tutors work with students to consolidate the concepts they learn in class. IB math moves very quickly, so repetition of learned knowledge in tutoring and identification of problem areas–places where improvement is necessary to continue understanding the progression of the course–are essential to success. Our tutors help find the concepts that are giving our students trouble so they can continue to learn in class. Without this crucial step in the math learning process, a student would continue to fall behind because they did not master a key building block for the rest of the lessons. The longer this goes on, the more the student falls behind and the harder they must work to understand their coursework. Reviewing and mastering information while it is fresh by booking out devoted tutor time to the subject will prevent a student from sliding into falling too far behind. 

Working on concepts consistently with IB math private tutors from Aegis Advisors allows students to work more consistently, time-efficiently, and successfully. This is never more apparent than in preparing for an IB math assessment. These formal assessments are few, but important in IB math and students need to be very prepared. Students who work with IB math private tutors will have put in dedicated time to mastery each week and have a running list of concepts that were more challenging for them. When it comes time to prepare for a test, these students and their tutors know what to review, especially the topics that were challenging, and have practice with different styles of concept consolidation. By working with a tutor, they will know which ways of studying work better for them and they will generally have a better grasp of the material from the extra hour a week they put in on IB math all year. These students need to spend less time studying and their efforts are more efficient with strategies offered by weeks of study with a tutor. Overall, students who use IB math private tutors with Aegis Advisors from the beginning of their IB coursework are more successful in their coursework and learn important skills like delayed gratification and the payoff of dedication. 

With this article, we hope to communicate just how important tutoring services can be in solidifying the building blocks of mathematics in order to successfully demonstrate student knowledge in the IB math course. Whether a student has not started the course, is in their first year, or is in their second year of the IB math course, it is never too late or early to invest in efficient and effective tutoring through Aegis Advisors’ IB private math tutors.  
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