Navigating IB Projects: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Developing Your Topic

As we progress further into the school year, we start to see more and more end of term projects get assigned. Whether it is a writing piece for English or a research project for Biology, large projects can be overwhelming as they require lots of time and many different elements. That is why it is crucial that you select a solid research topic before diving into your project. Especially within the International Baccalaureate curriculum, projects can make up a large part of your grade. This article covers some of the key considerations to think about as you are selecting your next project topic, and provides some tips on how to work with an in person or online IB tutor to produce your best work.

1. Start by Brainstorming Ideas

The first step in any successful project is to brainstorm ideas. Carefully read the project description to ensure a thorough understanding of the requirements. To enhance this process, consider bouncing ideas off your IB online tutor during your next call or engage in a brainstorming session with your in-person tutor. You can even run ideas by friends at lunch or family in the evening to get a sense of which topics you feel most excited about. Brainstorming with a range of people can ensure you have a well-rounded list of potential topics.

2. Choose Something You Are Interested In

Once you have a list of potential topics, narrow it down to those that genuinely interest you. Choosing a subject you are passionate about not only makes the research and writing process more enjoyable but also increases the likelihood of producing a high-quality project. If you choose a topic at random, you might find that a week into the project you are feeling bored and uninspired by the selected topic. If you are feeling unmoved by all of the topics you have chosen, try giving a quick “elevator pitch” for each of your topics to your IB online tutor next time you call. When you are asked to make a quick argument for why a given topic is a valid choice, you will find that some topics are likely easier to talk about than others. If you are talking a lot about a certain topic, that usually means you are interested in it and will have a lot of say in your project. 

3. Re-read the Project Instructions

After settling on a few topics, revisit the project instructions. It’s common to get carried away during brainstorming, so returning to the original prompt or project description is crucial. Collaborate with your IB online tutor to ensure your chosen topic aligns with all the project requirements. For instance, if you are completing an IB history project, make sure you have chosen a topic that takes place in the correct time period!

4. Go Through Your Class Notes

Before delving into the project, organize your class notes. Given the cumulative nature of the IB program, previous materials from the semester may serve as valuable resources. Before starting a major project, it is essential that you get your notes organized, as you will likely refer to them often. If you are someone who struggles with organization, this is something an in-person or online IB tutor can help you with! A well-organized set of notes will be instrumental in developing a comprehensive and well-supported project.

5. Only Support an Opinion You Agree With

When working on projects such as persuasive essays, it’s tempting to choose a side based on perceived ease of defense rather than personal belief. However, sustaining an argument you don’t genuinely agree with can be challenging in the long run. Work with your IB online tutor for guidance on finding resources and crafting a compelling narrative that aligns with your authentic opinions and values.

In conclusion, choosing a topic for IB projects is a meticulous process that can be made easier if you involve tutors, family, and make decisions based on genuine interest. Brainstorming, reviewing notes, and closely reading the project requirements will set you up for success in your topic selection. And once you have a topic you are excited about, you can move confidently through the next steps of the project!
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