What’s a “Good” SAT Score for 2021?

At Aegis Advisors, people will often ask us, what is a ‘good’ SAT score? This can be difficult to answer, but we can begin by looking at average SAT scores and percentiles.

According to Prep Scholar with data from the College Board, the average SAT score for 2020 was 1051 with an average score of 528 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and an average score of 523 for Math.

Source: www.prepscholar.com 

Note: SAT percentiles refer to the percentage of students who are performing at or below your child’s level. For instance, a 65th percentile score means that 65% of students are performing as well as, or worse than your child.

So what does this all mean? On a personal level, a good SAT score is one that is both realistically achievable for you. It should also be within range for your university choices. Most universities will publish their range of scores for students they accepted. Generally, we suggest to target for a score at least within 50% percentile of that range for your preferred universities.

In order to succeed on the SAT, it is critical to prepare far in advance. To figure out the best preparation plan for your child, we suggest starting with taking a mock test. After the mock test, you should go through it with someone familiar with the SAT. If you would like our help through this process, please reach out to us.