Use Your Athlete Mentality to Prepare for the IB Math Exam

If you are an athlete or play sports at school, then you know all about game-day jitters and performance anxiety. This means you might feel nervous before a big game, or worry you may not play as well as you know you can. The day before a big standardized test like the IB Mathematics exam can elicit the same type of physiological stress response. But fear not! If you know how to conquer these fears on the field, you’ll be even better prepared to score high on your upcoming test! 

Below are some tips for how to turn lessons from the playing field into IB Mathematics study tips. 

Find a Coach

The first thing any good athlete needs is a good coach. That is why hiring a private IB math tutor will be the best thing you can do for yourself as you begin training to take the exam. Just like a coach, a private tutor can make a personalized training plan and give you specialized tips on how to improve. With math, it is a good habit to correct wrong answers on practice homework. In sports, athletes often watch videos of their games to learn how to improve technique. A private IB math tutor can help with technique and so much more!

Set a Reasonable Goal

Baseball players never go into a game planning to score 3 homeruns. Basketball players don’t make it their goal to score 10 three-pointers in one game. Instead, top athletes set a goal of performing as best they can given the nature of the game. Every game is different, so it is best to focus your time on training to prepare for anything that could happen in a game. The same is true for exams. Every exam is different, and you never know what will be on the test, or how you will feel that day. So, you should not set a goal of passing with a specific numeric score. Instead, prepare for a wide range of math problems, and try your best the day of the test. Work with your private IB math tutor to set a reasonable goal that focuses on your learning.

Give Yourself Time 

No one can become a track star overnight. You would run for too long and your muscles would get injured. Instead, you need to work up in small increments to be able to run full distance. It takes time to build muscles, and you must work out consistently each week. The same is true for mathematics! Start with easier problems and increase intensity from there. You should start preparing for the exam at least 5 months beforehand. However, the more time you give yourself, the more skills you will have when it is time for test day. Completing a challenging math problem can feel like a workout for your brain. So give yourself plenty of months to train consistently, and rest after each session. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

No great athlete has gotten to where they are by sitting on the coach. Having trouble feeling motivated to start math training? Be honest with your private IB math tutor and they can help you get back on track with a study plan. Make sure your study plan includes plenty of practice at varying levels. Athletes cross-train by completing a diverse array of exercises. Diversify your training by engaging with a number of different types and levels of math problems. Each session, try to include at least 1 challenge problem that is higher than your initial level of understanding. Overtime with plenty of practice, those challenge problems will become easier!

Reduce Distractions

If you wouldn’t check your phone running down the football pitch, then don’t check it during study time. Especially if you are working with a private IB math tutor, you want to honor the time of both you and your tutor. There are always lots of distractions that can pull us away from being present and focused. However, you need to train your brain to focus in the same way that you need to train your feet to dribble a ball. If you are finding yourself getting distracted while working with your tutor, ask them to help you by taking more breaks and brainstorming ways to reduce distraction. Remember, your private IB math tutor is your coach. They want to help you succeed and reach your full potential.

Prepare for Game Day

It’s game day. You have been training for 5 months with your private IB math tutor, and it is finally time to take the exam. Treat this day—and the days leading up to it—like you would treat a championship game. In the days leading up the exam, do some light practice and exercises to keep your brain activated. You should not have to cram study since you spent the last few months spreading out your training. Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours) not only the night before, but 2 nights before the exam. Morning of test day, eat a nutritious breakfast with protein that will give you long lasting energy throughout the exam. Before walking onto the playing field, move your body to get out any nerves you might be feeling. Try giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror, do some stretches, and go in there and crush that exam! 
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