Top 10 Majors for Getting Hired

Choosing a college major can be a tough decision. In this article we break down which majors are considered the best for increasing your employability right out of college. Data for this article is taken from which looked at which majors tend to have more entry-level job opportunities than there are graduates.

#1: Computer Science

This major is almost always in the top spot. The world is becoming digital at an ever-increasing pace and as a result people with technical computer knowledge are in high demand and probably will be for many years to come.

#2: Marketing

Have an interest in economics or in selling things? Then marketing may be the right major for you. Many marketing majors find well-paying jobs in sales upon graduation.

#3: Nursing

If you enjoy helping others and find medicine or biology interesting then you should consider studying nursing as an undergraduate. Although the job itself can be tiring, nurses are always in demand and undoubtedly have a positive impact.

#4: Electrical Engineering

Calling all science lovers! If you enjoyed learning IB chemistry or IB physics in your high school classes then you’ll love the numerous job opportunities waiting for you after graduating as an electrical engineering major. Electrical engineers design, build, and repair all kinds of new technologies and are, like computer science majors, in high demand.

#5: Accounting

This is a major for the math lovers out there. If you enjoyed crunching numbers in IGCSE math or IB math then accounting may be a major for you to consider. Accountants are always in high demand because companies need people to prepare their financial reports and deal with tax and other monetary issues.

#6: Chemical Engineering

Like electrical engineers, chemical engineers work at the cutting edge of new science. But, while more physics-oriented people end up as electrical engineers, those who enjoyed chemistry more than physics should consider chemical engineers. Chemical engineers help design new chemicals and machines in the fields of green energy, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

#7: Finance

This one goes without saying. Finance is one of the most in demand and well paying career areas for recent grads. Getting a degree in finance can set you apart but jobs in this sector are also open to economics, mathematics, and even humanities majors.

#8: Biomedical Engineering

If you loved AP or IB Biology then biomedical engineering may be the field for you. New advancements in biology are being made daily and this burgeoning new field needs fresh graduates.

#9: Human Resources

If you enjoy working with people then consider studying human resources. Most large companies have human resource divisions and, therefore, there is always large demand for graduates with HR degrees.

#10: Actuarial Science

This is another major for the IGCSE math lovers out there. Actuaries typically work at insurance firms and help those companies predict and mitigate risk. If you enjoy working with numbers and probabilities then this field could be for you.

So, which major should you pursue? At Aegis Advisors, we suggest starting the exploration process earlier on to help students shortlist interest areas and potential majors. Early planning is key, especially if you plan to apply to UK universities, as different majors will have different course requirements that need to be fulfilled during secondary school.