The Importance of a Private Tutor for Your Mental Health

Studying diligently and working hard before an exam is certainly the most sure-fire way to succeed. But this in itself is a daunting task, especially while academic standards increase and students face rising pressure to meet them. More and more young adults struggle with mental health issues each year, which are compounded by and impact their academic performance. Poor mental health is an obstacle that can never be overcome by academic preparation, and you should never let your academic achievements come at the cost of  your mental health. 

This can be a hard principle to implement, particularly in a city like Hong Kong that highly values education. Remember, you are not in this alone. Find support in others like a private tutor in Hong Kong. Students should not be expected to succeed entirely on their own. It is natural for people to need help, whether that looks like emotional comfort from a loved one or extra guidance from a teacher. Academic tests and admission processes have become increasingly complicated over the years as well, making it nearly impossible for students to reach for the top without outside assistance. The pressure to succeed on your own can further damage your mental health — it can lead to unhealthy self-criticism and procrastination. IB exams are already a stressful experience, and these unattainable expectations only add to that anxiety. Take advantage of a private tutor in Hong Kong, who can lift some of that burden off your shoulders. 

A tutor can guide you through the preparation process for your exams or any admissions guidelines. They can offer you individual attention and help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. These types of personalized lessons are the most beneficial for a student’s growth and relieve the pressure off of the student. Although in a typical classroom setting teachers are unable to adjust the curriculum to individual students, private tutors in Hong Kong can allow for breaks in the schedule and move lessons around if it would be in the student’s best interest. This can create a more relaxing environment and reduce feelings of frustration for students. It can also help build confidence in students who may feel insecure in large-group settings. Sessions with a Hong Kong private tutor can provide positive reinforcement and prevent students from making harmful comparisons with their peers. Although in a classroom, it is easy for students to feel anxious while asking questions or participating in conversations, private tutors can administer studying sessions without the fear of judgment from others. Students typically improve the most in supportive environments where they are permitted to make mistakes and be active participants. 

A private tutor in Hong Kong can also provide more emotional supervision than a teacher. Since they are more familiar with students on a one on one basis, it can be easier for students to open up to them about their mental state. A Hong Kong private tutor can likely relate to the students’ concerns more than a teacher or family member could, and therefore can put a student more at ease if they naturally feel uncomfortable discussing their mental health with others. Tutors in general often develop closer relationships with their students than teachers. They can be more attuned to students’ personal lives and well-being, which would inevitably impact their academic work. While a teacher has an obligation to every student in their class, tutors can understand the particular challenges a student may be going through. Moreover, tutors can better comprehend the age-specific dilemmas of their students than a family member. 

Students with atypical learning styles or learning disabilities could also receive more targeted support from a Hong Kong private tutor compared to learning institutions that usually stigmatize these conditions. These students often face unique issues that result in heightened anxiety and poor mental health. Tutors can help students stay organized and manage their workload in a manner best suited for their tutee and their individual needs. Such skill development can additionally reduce the stress surrounding last-minute assignments and unpreparedness for exams, improving a student’s mental health in the long-term.

As young adults continue to navigate an increasingly technological and high-pressure world, they will have to manage and keep an eye on their mental health. Private tutors in Hong Kong are one way for students to let someone else help them with their journey. 
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