Staying Focused Amidst IB Pressure in Hong Kong

Students in Hong Kong face immense academic pressure, in particular for rigorous subjects like IB Math. Many young adults in Hong Kong complain about the region’s high-pressure academic system, which views success very highly. This competitive nature can be distracting for students who truly want to learn. Students, their peers, and their families can all contribute to this pressure, even if they do not mean to. How can students stay focused on their goals amidst such a comparison-heavy environment? IB Math in particular is a subject that requires mindful practice and concentration. Having a IB Maths tutor in Hong Kong is one way for students to keep a clear head during their academic career, as a tutor can help incorporate the following tips in a more personal way into lessons!

Avoid Social Media

While the rise of the Internet has provided many benefits, it also comes with many negatives. There is a reason why newer generations of young adults suffer from increasing rates of anxiety and self-image issues. Staying active on social media makes it easy to compare yourself to people your own age across the world — this can lead to unhealthy comparisons to people whose background you do not know! That is why it is important to have someone in the room with you while you study, like an IB maths tutor in Hong Kong, who can prevent you from checking Instagram for the umpteenth time. It is extremely easy to sneak a glance at your phone while you are on your own, but a tutor can help keep you accountable (and decrease your screen time). Although social media can be a fun tool for students to engage in different topics, it can also foster unhealthy ideas about success. The images we see onscreen are photoshopped and perfected, even if we have to remind ourselves of that. Students these days frequently compare themselves to people online and become upset when their IB scores or college acceptances do not look similar. An IB maths tutor in Hong Kong can remind you that most of social media is fabricated and that real life looks quite different. 

Be Intentional

New inventions like social media and generative artificial intelligence can make it seem like knowledge can be quickly attained. When we see people on screen or chatbots accomplish hard math problems in a matter of minutes, it can be disheartening for our own progress. Try to remember that learning is a process, not something that happens overnight. IB Maths is not a subject that you will master quickly, nor should it be! Part of the joy of education is the development of problem-solving skills and witnessing how much you can grow with time. Be intentional with your time. With the help of an IB Maths tutor in Hong Kong, you can create a plan for your personal advancement. Having more manageable goals makes it easier to stay focused, despite what you see around you online or in-person. 

Take Breaks

When faced with such academic pressure, students often burn themselves out. But studying constantly is not the answer to academic struggles! If you focus too much on what other people accomplish, you can push your body and mind farther than it can handle. Remember that IB Maths and learning should never be an entirely painful experience. You will better succeed if you pace yourself and make the educational process enjoyable. Progress based on negative emotions like insecurity and comparisons will never be as fruitful as progress stemming from a genuine desire to learn. An IB Maths tutor in Hong Kong can help you find a method of learning most suitable for you. They can also remind you to take breaks and set time aside to relax. Although it is hard to think creatively about your academic goals on your own, a tutor’s job is to find unique learning tools that will provide something different than what you receive in school. 

Students globally are learning how to deal with a more academically competitive environment. Hong Kong in particular is a city that values academic success, which can lead to unhealthy comparisons and mindsets. Succeeding in difficult subjects like IB Maths is made that much more challenging with this added pressure. Having an IB Maths tutor in Hong Kong can help you stay focused despite this pressure and remind you that you do not need to conform to other people’s definition of success!
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