Revamp Your IB English Routine: Fun and Creative Strategies for Success

It is rare to hear a student say: “I am so excited to study!” Studying for anything, be it math or English, can be draining and difficult. Students often dread preparing for exams because drills can be repetitive and boring. However, studying does not have to be this way! Especially when practicing English or preparing for an IB English exam, incorporating fun and games into your study plan will make studying more engaging and ultimately more productive. Studying can also be a lonely experience, so try studying with an IB English tutor or a group of friends. Below are some ways to make English studying more fun.

Incorporate some light competition. Nothing gets people to focus than some friendly competition. One way to tap into your study potential is to work with others and set up intentional spaces to push each other. For example, get together with a group of classmates and try out a timed quiz like Kahoot or Jeopardy. This is an excellent way to spend a session with an IB English tutor as well, as they can walk you through some of the answers you got wrong.

Find new ways to build your vocabulary. Becoming a better IB English student means building a strong list of vocab terms. But studying flashcards gets boring really fast. So try picking up a crossword puzzle or download an English word game on your phone. It is also really helpful to practice using the new terms you learned in a sentence. Have your IB English tutor present you with a list of 5 new words, and then try telling your tutor a story that includes those words. This is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing and to commit more words to memory!

Design your own games and analogies. There are lots of word games out there that can help you build your vocabulary. But maybe they aren’t exactly what you are looking for. You know yourself better than anyone. Perhaps you really enjoy baseball. Perhaps you can create a baseball analogy that helps you remember the outline for an essay structure. Or maybe you create a board game that allows you to advance to the next base after you correctly answer a trivia question about the novel you are reading. Try playing with your IB English tutor; they will appreciate a new way of approaching the material!

Try Role Playing characters. If you are reading a book for class, getting to really know each character will help you understand the plot as well as uncover some of the literary tools the author is using. Role Playing games are one great way to closely study a character because you have to read more about them to know them more in depth. For your next IB English tutor session, assign each other a character and try having a 10-minute conversation as if you are characters from your favorite book!

Watch a TV or movie. If you are learning English or want to broaden your vocabulary, watching TV and movies with subtitles is an excellent way to improve your English. If you are working with an IB English tutor for your class, try seeing if there are any movies or TV shows based on the novel you are reading in class. Oftentimes, movies and TV shows borrow plots from famous books or expand on well-known literary tropes.

If you are finding that you are dreading IB English studies, that is a sign it is time to switch things up in your routine. Try out one of the ideas above, or get creative with your own ideas! It is critical that you work hard to avoid burning out while preparing for a class or an IB exam. In order to avoid burn out, keep things light, have fun, and take lots of breaks. 
Aegis Advisors has a team of experienced and committed IB English tutors in Hong Kong and online who can help you in a full range of subjects across all major curriculums. Contact us today to see how we can help make your IB English studies both effective and enjoyable. Learning doesn’t have to be dull – it can be an exciting journey filled with creativity and fun!