How to Prepare for your IB Exams

If your child is studying in the IBDP, it is easy for them to feel overwhelmed by all the information they’re expected to know by their end of the year exams. See below for tips from the IBO blog on how to tackle the exam season.

“Be organized and have a schedule”

While this might seem obvious, any IB student or graduate would tell you that being organized is the most necessary skill for success in the IBDP. Help your child create a schedule that gives each subject the appropriate amount of time as not every subject is going to require the same preparation.

“Apply the knowledge and do lots of practice”

With only a month or two left before exam season, now is certainly not the time to study every topic as if they’re new concepts. Remind your child to focus on topics that they know they’re weak in. Utilise the mock exams feedback to figure out which areas your child still needs to improve on. Practice using previous exam papers under exam conditions. The practice will help your child familiarize themselves with the format of questions and allows them to solve questions faster.

“Manage your time effectively”

When your child is studying, make sure they schedule small breaks every couple hours as it is difficult and less effective to focus for too long.

“Go offline while studying”

The easiest way to avoid distraction is by going offline. Encourage your child to turn off their phones and avoid social media while studying.

“Take it one exam at a time”

Remind your child to not dwell too much on an exam, especially if they think they haven’t done well on it. Help them stay motivated to tackle the next exam with confidence.

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