Incorporating IB English Practice Into Your Daily Hong Kong Life

The most sure-fire way to succeed at IB English is to be a good reader. IB English, at its core, teaches students how to analyse and appreciate literature. The best way to improve your reading is to read everyday! But reading everyday can be hard when you are not a natural book-worm. IB students already have a busy schedule, and it is difficult to fit reading into that. Your IB English tutor can help you brainstorm other ways to practice reading that do not require you to read entire books each week. Hong Kong is a vibrant city that offers many creative opportunities to get your reading in. Here are some suggestions on fun activities you can do with a friend or an IB English tutor in Hong Kong that also exercises your IB English brain!

Visit a Library

The most straightforward way to incorporate reading into your everyday life is to visit one of Hong Kong’s many libraries. While trying to open a book at home might be tedious, it becomes much easier when you are in a place meticulously devoted to the practice. You will be surrounded with people who are also looking for their next best find and can enjoy some beautiful architecture. You can also make it a mission to find those recommended books from class or sessions with your IB English Tutor in Hong Kong in these libraries, rather than ordering them online. Try the Hong Kong Central Library in Causeway Bay, which is Hong Kong’s largest library and features both modern and old architectural elements. The Ping Shan Tin Shui Wai Public Library is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, with the only outdoor reading area available in a public library in the city. If you are looking for something a little more different, try the Chi Lin Buddhist Library in Diamond Hill. Asides from enjoying the Chi Lin Center, you can also learn more about Buddhism and philosophy with its impressive collection. Ask your IB English Tutor about their favorite libraries in Hong Kong!

Go Cafe-Hopping

If you know that you focus better outside of your home but do not want to visit a library, try one of Hong Kong’s many cafes. There is a reason that you see so many people with a book open at cafes — the relaxed, tranquil environment of cafes makes the act of reading much more enjoyable. The next time you have an online meeting with your IB English tutor in Hong Kong, consider taking it outside of your home. You also can choose to read your book alongside an energizing cup of coffee or a delicious baked good! If you are looking for somewhere with natural sunlight, try Wanaka in Wan Chai or NOC Coffee Co. in Tai Wai. You can also make reading an adventure by aiming to find a cafe with a special menu. Basao Tea is a chic teahouse in Wan Chai that elevates traditional flavors, and Layer’s Cafe in Kowloon City has the perfect fluffy pancakes to go along with your book. Your IB English tutor is sure to have their personal favorites as well!

Test Your Reading Comprehension at the Movies

Since Hong Kong is a multilingual city, there are usually many foreign film screenings with subtitles. It may seem like an easy task, but forcing yourself to watch films that you can only understand through the subtitles is a simple way to log some reading-comprehension time. Ask your private IB English tutor in Hong Kong for some recommendations on their favorite films that would be more challenging to understand just through the subtitles — perhaps there is a science-fiction or historical piece that could serve as practice for future IB English reading passages. Each year Hong Kong hosts a film festival with hand-picked films from all over the world. Take the opportunity to find some new films from foreign directors and develop a stronger grasp over English!

Reading does not have to be limited to full novels or academic assignments. There are opportunities to practice your reading all across Hong Kong, even asides from those suggested here. If you are growing tired of the monotony of typical readings, ask your IB English tutor for their recommendations. This could look like reading the news everyday, aiming to read all the descriptions on your next museum trip, or simply reading your book in a new environment!
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