How IB Online Tutoring Prepares Students for Success in University

The International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum connects students and teachers from around the world with one standardized set of learning principles used to prepare students for achievement in higher education. Because of this global connection, IB online tutors prove hugely popular to support students on their educational journeys. Aegis Advisors online tutors, hailing from across the globe, have come together to share just a few of many benefits of utilizing online tutoring services. 

  1. Engaging with new cultures.

Aegis Advisors employs IB online tutors from across the world which allows the students we work with to learn more about educational systems and cultures in countries outside of east and southeast asia. Working with tutors from different countries is most possible with IB because the curriculum is so standardized, so the assessments in the US, for example, are the same as in Hong Kong. While this may be true, cultural perspectives can still be shared in tutoring sessions. For example, an online IB tutor from Europe might be able to share a different cultural telling of world events relevant to an IB English class in comparison to perspectives shared in Asia. Being exposed to new cultural norms through online tutoring is excellent preparation for university study in which students from all different backgrounds come together and can share their experiences. High school students that have practice with this skill through online IB tutoring will find more ease in success when they transition to university. 

  1. Practicing with new methods of instruction.

While traditionally, instruction is done in a classroom with students practicing concepts on their own time, many universities are experimenting with flipped courses and multi-media coursework. Working with an online IB tutor in high school can help prepare students for how learning might feel different outside a classroom without direct professor instruction. More commonly, especially in British universities, in person is in small groups with an instructor, and students are expected to come prepared and engaged. Online tutoring models this well because it requires at least 90 minutes of one on one engagement. Students who practice one on one communication and dedication through IB online tutoring will transition well to working in small groups during class hours and be more comfortable learning online, which is continuing to make its way into the university pedagogy. 

  1. Self-directed study.

While students learn on a strict schedule in the classroom, IB online tutoring gives students the ability to practice charting their own path to learning and achievement. To support classroom learning and assessment preparation, IB online tutors and their students work together to create content plans for what to study and explore more deeply. With this partnership, students have the responsibility of bringing topics that they feel they need more practice with or ones in which they are interested. Students do not always have to stick to what is taught in class; if they just have interest in a topic, tutors can help support them to dive deeper and find resources outside the IB curriculum. This is excellent preparation for finding academic passions in university because students need to lead their own exploration. Additionally, professors’ time is usually very limited in comparison to high school teachers, so being able to set self directed learning goals will aid students in making the most of the time they have with professors and to study for their courses. 

With its convenience for busy students and development of important university level skills, online tutoring for the IB curriculum is an amazing way to set up high school students for future success. With the ability to engage with new cultures, methods of teaching, and self direct learning, students will benefit greatly from working with Aegis Advisors’ expert IB online tutors who bring their passion and cultural backgrounds into their work. We work with students from all over the world on any of the major curriculums and subjects in addition to test preparation and college advising. 
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