How Can I Get an A* or a 9 in IGCSE Physics?

International General Certificate of Secondary Education – IGCSE is possibly an essential qualification for students wishing to progress to the pre-university level before entering university. 

Every student desires to get an A* or a 9 in any subject they sit for in IGCSE examinations. However, we have observed that many students sitting for IGCSE Physics often view getting a top grade in the subject as impossible. 

To ace the exam, you need to do things outside the norm. Here are proven ways of studying right and efficiently for your Physics exam to ensure you get nothing but the top grade.

  1. Introduce Real World events into your physics studying

You may think that Physics mostly has to do with forces, energy, particle models, etc., is abstract and has nothing to do with real life. However, it is not so; everything the real world is made of draws its bases from these fundamental ideas of Physics. Therefore you can understand Physics more easily by trying to link every activity or event you notice in the real world to Physics. This approach is one of the significant ways an IGSCE Physics tutor uses to enhance student retention and understanding. It will undoubtedly grant you excellence in your IGCSE Physics exam.

  1. Make Notes, Create a Formula Sheet and consistently review them.

There are many formulas, definitions, and Physics theories you cannot afford to while studying. This is why you ought to write them down on a special note. As you write them down, you tend to focus more on unfamiliar and unclear areas. When you frequently review these areas, you clarify them, which is how you teach yourself! When you apply this technique, you can be sure to remember most formulas or points during your IGCSE Physics exams.

  1. There is no shortcut to learning.

Avoid cramming at all costs, don’t pull all-nighters, especially when it is close to your exams, do not skip your homework, and try to do it yourself instead of copying from your classmates. By doing the above, you can be consistent in your studies and start studying as early as possible. The key to getting an A* in your IGCSE physics is consistency. However, if you cannot help but procrastinate or skip study time at home, reach out to an IGCSE Physics tutor. We have set up methods that will help you stay glued to your Physics studies and keep you from having to cram as you prepare for your IGCSE Physics exams.

You now have the three most effective tips for getting the top grades in your IGCSE Physics exams. If you can put into practice all that is taught here, then you are a step closer to acing your exam.