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As with all GCSEs and IGCSEs, different schools opt for different exam boards for each subject and Math is no exception. Below is information on the IGCSE Math syllabus from Cambridge CIE and Edexcel, which are the more popular boards.

Cambridge (CIE) Mathematics IGCSE

There are two syllabi offered – the Core and the Extended. Students who take the Core are capped at Grade C, while there is no cap to those taking the Extended (i.e. students can achieve A*). Regardless, all candidates have to take two papers – one with short-answer questions and the other with structured questions, taking up 35% and 65% of the final score respectively.

Calculators are allowed for both papers, and subject content is organised by topic, each having a different weighting in the actual papers:

  • Numbers (15-20%)
  • Algebra (35-40%)
  • Shape and space (30-35%)
  • Probability and statistics (10-15%)

(Weighting based on the Extended paper)

To score well, not only is it important to get the final answer right, but it is also of paramount importance that students can demonstrate their reasoning in solving for the answer using appropriate workings, and to communicate in correct mathematical notation. If you find your child struggling with IGCSE level math, you may consider hiring an IGCSE math tutor to support them along the way so they can perform their best for the exam.

Edexcel Mathematics IGCSE

There are two tiers offered – Foundation and Higher. Students who take Foundation are capped at a grade of 5, while there is no cap for Higher (meaning students can achieve the highest grade of 9). Both tiers require students to sit two papers, two hours each with calculators allowed. The main areas of focus would be numbers, geometry, algebra and statistics, with a heavier weighting for numbers and algebra. 

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