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Since 2008 we have accumulated a wealth of experiences that have strengthened our understanding of families, students, and the education field. From Q&As with students and parents, to articles with tips on excelling through all aspects of the admissions process, we hope our knowledge base offers some insight into the current educational climate.


General Tips: Acing Your US Boarding School Interview 

If you are in the process of applying to a boarding school in the US, you might find that interviews are often a large component of the application. While some......

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A Tutor’s Perspective: Top Challenges of IB English and Some Solutions

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum offers an array of Language and Literature courses in 17 different languages. The IB English course is widely followed in Hong Kong schools, and therefore......

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An Interview with an IB Math Former Student

While much of Aegis Advisors’ expertise comes from our committed and knowledgeable tutors, we wanted to take the opportunity for readers, especially students, to learn from their peers. In this......

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The IB Writing Process, Explained

Each IB essay is different. Required formats, prompts, and sources can vary across the IB subjects and assignments. Still, the same general writing process is applicable to any IB paper.......

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Tips for Visual Analysis in IB English

Students tackling the IB English course will practice many methods of analysis, including visual interpretation. This skill, looking at photos and art, analyzing their components and contextualizing them to think......

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