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How to Craft a Winning UK University Admissions Application

Embarking on the path to higher education is an important point in a student’s life. For those setting their sights on UK universities, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)......

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Revamp Your IB English Routine: Fun and Creative Strategies for Success

It is rare to hear a student say: "I am so excited to study!" Studying for anything, be it math or English, can be draining and difficult. Students often dread......

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Hong Kong: A Case Study in the Global Rise of Private Tutors

According to a report by Polaris in April of 2022, private tutoring has been rapidly increasing in popularity for many years. This trend is predicted to continue with even more......

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The Importance of a Private Tutor for Your Mental Health

Studying diligently and working hard before an exam is certainly the most sure-fire way to succeed. But this in itself is a daunting task, especially while academic standards increase and......

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Developing a Growth Mindset in Mathematics

The “growth mindset” is an important concept in learning and education. It refers to the idea that our abilities are not set in stone but can be developed over time......

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