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What is the UKISET?

What is the UKISET? Where do you take it?

UKISET stands for ‘United Kingdom Schools Entry Test.’ It is a test for international students trying to enter schools in the UK. You can take the UKISET internationally at test centres, or at the head office and selected schools in the UK. There are several test centres in Hong Kong.

How long is the UKISET?

The test is about 2 hours long. Its purpose is to measure intelligence and English language ability. The test is in three sections:

  • Reasoning section (45 mins)
  • English Language section (30 mins)
  • English essay writing (20 mins)

Which schools use UKISET?

Around 200 boarding schools across the UK require that prospective international students sit the UKISET. This is to test their intelligence and potential, but also to make sure their English ability is high enough to be able to participate in all school classes and activities. Schools that use UKISET include (but are not limited to): Eton, Badminton, Charterhouse, Benenden, Bryanston, Sherborne, Winchester, Harrow, Tonbridge and Uppingham.

What is included in the UKISET?

The test has three sections and comprises the following:

  • Section 1 is the reasoning section. It includes verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning (shapes and 3D) and mathematical ability.
  • Section 2 is about measuring English language ability. This includes reading comprehension, grammatical knowledge and listening exercises.
  • Section 3 is a short essay, which must be handwritten in English. It usually requires the candidate to write about his/her own opinion about something (e.g. their favourite month of the year).

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