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UKiset | Common Entrance

The UK boarding school admissions process focuses heavily on entrance exams. We offer specialised entrance exam tutoring and preparation through every step of the admissions process to make sure your child stays ahead of the curve.


The UKiset is a single assessment test for international students who wish to apply to UK curriculum schools, including boarding schools, language schools and international study centres. The UKiset focuses on English, mathematics, non-verbal reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

Pre-Test & Common Entrance

The Pre-Test is an age-standardised test used by schools to evaluate a student’s academic potential. Pre-Tests can vary depending on the school, it can be school specific or the school may choose to use the Common Pre-Test. The test focuses on mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

The Pre-Test is a signifier of how well your child will do on the Common Entrance. The Common Entrance is an exam set by the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) and is used by UK private schools, including boarding schools, in their admissions process. The Common Entrance focuses on English, mathematics and science. In addition, students taking the 13+ can sit exams in a wide range of subjects, such as geography, history, religious studies, and more.

Common Entrance Exams

  • 11+: for students in Year 6
  • 12+: for students in Year 7
  • 13+: for students in Year 8

Sixth Form Entrance

  • 16+: for students in Year 11

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