Private Tutoring at Aegis Advisors

How qualified are your private tutors?

Our strong track record has quickly secured our place as one of the top tutoring centers in Hong Kong. All our tutors have degrees and experience working in their area of specialty. Over the past 14 years, our private tutors in HK have helped countless students achieve their target test scores and reach their academic goals. Working alongside our admissions consultants—many of whom were previously involved in admission and application processes—our students are able to secure offers at many of the best international schools in Hong Kong, as well as boarding schools and universities in the US and UK.

How does online tutoring work at Aegis Advisors?

We offer private tutoring both via face-to-face and online tutoring. In the midst of the pandemic we have placed great emphasis on growing and improving our online tutoring experience. Our private tutor will connect to the student via Zoom and use a variety of specially prepared materials to make each lesson as engaging and productive as it would be in person.

What kind of tutoring do you offer?

As a private tutoring center in Hong Kong, we offer courses for a wide range of diplomas and curricula, including the IB PYP, MYP and DP, GCSEs, IGCSEs, A-levels. We also provide private tutoring for preparation for a variety of entrance tests such as the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE and others. These tutoring courses are conducted both offline and online, and are aimed squarely at helping students achieve their target schools and get into their dream schools.

What are the benefits of private tutoring?

Private tutoring offers students the chance to spend their time effectively, getting help exactly where they need it the most. All our private tutoring lessons, whether held online or at our tutoring center in Hong Kong, are individually tailored to each student.