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Over the past 10 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experiences that have strengthened our understanding of families, students, and the education field. From Q&As with students and parents, to articles with tips on excelling through all aspects of the admissions process, we hope our knowledge base offers some insight into the current educational climate.


Q&A: The SAT or ACT

Q: I’m rather confused with all the changes in the SAT and ACT. Can you advise what the changes are and which one my son should take? -Michelle   A: Dear Michelle, Starting in March 2016, College Board will be administering the new SAT, which will be quite different from the previous version. The ACT […]

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Q&A: Transitioning to Boarding School in the U.K.

Q&A: Transitioning to Boarding School in the UK Q: My son Aaron has secured an offer to attend a top boarding school in the UK for 13+ entry next year. What difficulties might he encounter in the process of settling into the school and how might we help him prepare in the next year? -Elaine […]

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How to Approach IB Diploma Subject Choices?

Do not let the flexibility of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum give you a false sense of security in terms of subject choices. Choosing your subject combination for the IB has far reaching consequences for your path to university and beyond. When universities around the world assess applicants, while admissions reviews the grades achieved for the […]

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Q&A: Tips on U.S. Personal Statement Writing

Q: University application deadlines are creeping up and I haven’t started my personal statement! What should I do? How should I go about it? What are admissions officers looking for? Help! -Justin   A: Hi Justin, We understand your pain, as you open a new word document file and watch the menacing, black line blink […]

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Q&A: Local Schools vs. International Schools

Q: I would like my son to study at a top university overseas. Would it be better for him to transfer to an international school or stay at his local school? – Ada   A: Dear Ada, With the right academic support and education plan in place, it is absolutely possible for any student from […]

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