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US University Entrance Exams Preparation

We offer different types of SAT/ACT preparation courses to cater to the different needs of students.

SAT/ACT Essentials Courses

Suitable for: Year 10-12 / Grade 9-11
Format: Small Group | Private One-on-One | Semi-Private
Course Length: 30 hours

Our Essentials Courses are for students who are either beginning their test preparation or have more time for preparation before their actual test date. The course aims to help students build a solid foundation of the test. It will cover key topics and vital test taking strategies that are essential to achieving competitive scores.

SAT/ACT Intensive Boot Camps

Suitable for: Year 12-13 / Grade 11-12
Format: Small Group | Private One-on-One | Semi-Private
Course Length: 20 hours

Our Intensive Boot Camps are best suited for students who are looking for a faster-paced course and working towards a looming test date. This course will expose students to every aspect of the test and teach them crucial test knowledge and strategies. Students will also do plenty of drill exercises under timed conditions.

SAT/ACT Drill Sessions

Suitable for: Year 12-13 / Grade 11-12
Format: Private One-on-One
Session Length: 6 hour modules (3×90 min drill sessions + 90 min lesson)

Our Drill Sessions are for students who are familiar with the SAT/ACT but need more practice in a test-taking environment under timed conditions. Drill Sessions are scheduled as 6 hours modules (3×90 minute drill sessions plus a 90 minute session to go through the questions with a private test prep tutor). Students would schedule more modules as needed.

UK University Entrance Exams Preparation

UK: Various Entrance Exams Preparation Courses

Private tutoring available for UK entrance exams including BMAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT, LNAT, TSA, etc. Please contact us for details.

US/UK Boarding School & University Applications

*Available only as private sessions. Please enquire for further details*

US Boarding School & University Application Support

Need support on your application essays for US boarding schools or universities? Work one-on-one with an experienced advisor on our US admissions consulting team to brainstorm, edit, and perfect your essays and put your best foot forward for admissions success.

UCAS Personal Statement Support (UK)

Work one-on-one with a member of our UK admissions consulting team specialising in the subject that you are applying for. Advisors will help brainstorm, edit, and work closely together with you to craft a winning personal statement.

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