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Scoring well on standardized admissions tests is essential to getting accepted into top US universities and boarding schools. We currently offer three different types of preparation courses catered to the different needs of the students.

Essentials Courses
Our Essentials Courses are for students who are either beginning their test preparation or have more time for preparation before their actual test date. The course aims to help students build a solid foundation for the test. It will cover key topics and vital test taking strategies to help your child achieve competitive scores.

Intensive Boot Camps
Our Intensive Boot Camps are best suited for students who want results fast and are working towards a looming test date. This shorter-term course will expose students to every aspect of the test, and teach them crucial test knowledge and strategies. Students will also do plenty of drill exercises under timed conditions.

Drills Sessions
Our Drills Sessions are for students who are already familiar with the standardized tests but need the extra help and guided practice to get a better score. Students will be given drill exercises under timed conditions to simulate the real test environment. Our test specialists will then go through the questions afterwards. Additionally, students can enjoy two complimentary full length mock tests, which are available and scheduled upon request.

Other Services

We also offer private tutoring for all academic subjects and test preparation for all standardised tests.

  • MAP
  • SCAT
  • ISEE
  • Pre-Test/Common Entrance
  • UKiset
  • Oxbridge Aptitude Tests

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