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IBDP Biology Tutoring

Our IB Biology tutors have a proven track record of success in supporting students to excel in the subject. Our tutors can help to consolidate knowledge and understanding, boost analytical skills and strengthen their testing strategies so as to make sure students can do their best in both internal and external assessments. 

Private one-on-one and semi-private classes are available, both in person at our centre or online. 

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About IBDP Biology

The IBDP Biology syllabus aims to enable students to acquire, apply and analyse scientific knowledge and methods. It provides students with a solid foundation before pursuing further studies in Biology, Medicine or other related fields.

Both SL and HL students have to cover the four topics below:

  • Unity and diversity
  • Form and function
  • Interaction and interdependence
  • Continuity and change

HL students are expected to study the subject in more depth, and therefore there are certain topics that are only taught at HL level. Examples would include Viruses, Muscle and motility, Chemical signalling, and Gene expression.


80% of the final grade for IBDP Biology comes from external assessments, and 20% from internal assessments. For the external assessment, both SL and HL students have to sit two papers. Paper 1 consists of multiple-choice and data based questions, and Paper 2 consists of short answer and extended-response questions. HL students are expected to have acquired a higher level understanding of the subject, therefore their papers are longer and more challenging. The external papers require students to have a rigorous and comprehensive understanding of the subject. There is a lot of content to learn and understand, and if your child is struggling with the subject, you may consider hiring an experienced IB Biology tutor to support them.

The internal assessment (IA), on the other hand, requires students to demonstrate their ability to apply their practical skills and knowledge. Students are required to formulate their own research question, which they will then collect data and analyse the results, and consolidate their takeaways into a 3,000-word written report. It can be a challenging task for students, and you may want some help to brush up your child’s scientific skills with regards to lab report writing so they can do well in the IA.

We understand that this can be a challenging course, and our team is here to support each student’s learning journey. 

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