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Will Attending a Boarding School Increase My Chances of US College Admission?

Parents and students are often willing to go to great lengths to gain admission to America’s top Ivy League and Ivy-tier universities. Strategies can include hiring a private tutor, finding/creating......

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Overview of the Interview Process at Oxford and Cambridge

How do I get an interview? Your grades and UCAS personal statement will play a major part. Ahead of your applications, if you are worried about your academic progress, you......

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What is the MYP Personal Project?

The MYP personal project serves as an independent application of the student’s learning. It is generally done in the fifth year of the MYP programme, although it can be done......

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What are Ivy League College Admissions Looking For?

The Ivy League includes eight of America’s most prestigious universities. Applying to these schools requires diligence and determination. For those who are successful, the accomplishment is surely one to be......

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Top Tips for Acing the US College Interview

US colleges emphasize a holistic approach to admissions, meaning that they are trying to look at applicants as more than just GPAs and standardized test scores. In addition to application......

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