Decreasing Distractions to Find Success on the IB Maths Exam

Since the rise of social media and the increased use of technology in learning, students are finding it harder and harder to focus on their studies. If you are working towards passing an important exam such as the IB math exam, you want to make sure you are using your study time efficiently and reducing distractions. 

Life as a student can be overwhelmingly busy, so it is recommended to find an IB math private tutor who can guide you through the jungle of distractions to keep you on track. Even if you prepare without a tutor, it is critical that you monitor your attention levels and are intentional about how much time you dedicate to test preparation.

The math component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme evaluates students’ problem-solving skills and critical reasoning across a range of math subjects. The tests are taken in sections, each section lasting between 1-2 hours. In addition to correctly answering the math problems, pacing yourself is key. This means that as you study with your IB math private tutor, you should work on focusing your attention with minimal distractions. Improving focus while doing practice problems will help train your brain for exam day.

Studying for IB math exams demands dedicated focus and commitment, especially for students who find themselves easily distracted. The road to success requires effective strategies to maintain concentration and ensure productive study sessions. If you’re struggling to stay focused while preparing for the math IB exam, here are seven recommendations to help you stay on track and excel in your preparations.

1. Work with a Private Tutor

Embarking on your IB math journey with a private IB math tutor by your side can be a game-changer. A tutor not only imparts knowledge but also serves as an accountability partner. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, tutors provide structure to your study routine. Tutors can help you plan out your week of studying to keep you on track, as well as keeping your focused on the material during one-on-one sessions.

2. Minimize Online Distractions

In an increasingly digital world, online distractions are abundant. When studying online, or meeting remotely with your private IB math tutor, it’s easy to fall prey to the allure of multiple open tabs, emails, social media, and videos. Research has shown that multitasking leads to lower-quality work. To combat this, close unnecessary tabs, put your phone on silent, and dedicate your attention solely to the task at hand.

3. Incorporate Regular Breaks

Balancing IB exams, assignments, extracurriculars, and life’s demands can be overwhelming. Rather than cramming for hours on end, opt for consistency. Allocate short, focused study periods spread across multiple days. These frequent, intentional study blocks enhance retention and understanding. Stepping away from the material periodically allows your mind to recharge, promoting sustained concentration. 

4. Embrace Challenges and Engage with Discontentment

Facing setbacks head-on is a crucial aspect of the learning journey. If you encounter difficulties or receive low scores on practice tests, don’t shy away from that discomfort. If you can, share your feelings or worries with your private IB math tutor. If we were to ignore our anxieties and hide our feelings of failure, those emotions would be taking up crucial space in our brains that we could instead be using for studying. Together, you and your tutor can analyze mistakes and make corrections. This creates the highest chances of improvements.

5. Don’t Get Derailed by Comparison

While scores hold importance, shifting your attention from the grades you receive to the material you’re learning is transformative. Immersing yourself in the concepts, understanding their intricacies, and grasping their real-world applications can lead to more meaningful and enduring knowledge. Trying to navigate the expectations and opinions of others is one of the most frequent reasons that students get distracted and give up. Focus on your learning rather than the external distraction of grades. 

6. Practice Maintaining Focus with Mock Tests

When we are anxious or worried, we are more likely to get distracted and lose focus. To combat this on exam day, regularly take mock exams to mimic the actual testing environment. If working with a private IB math tutor, be sure to make corrections and go over challenging questions. In order to simulate the real test taking environment, eliminate distractions by turning off your phone, silencing music and finding a room that is private.

7. Handwrite Whenever Possible

The act of handwriting on paper has been shown to increase memory and aid comprehension. When you handwrite equations and solve problems, you engage critical motor skills that stimulate your brain’s cognitive processes. Whenever possible, opt for printouts and handwritten practice to optimize your learning experience. Plus, writing is more mindful than typing, and you are reducing distractions by stepping away from your computer or tablet.

Implementing these recommendations can empower you to stay focused, cultivate a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, and excel in your journey alongside your IB math private tutor. Set yourself up for success by minimizing distractions and allowing yourself to focus on exciting problems ahead of you. 
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