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Aegis Advisors is an industry leader in specialised courses that help students develop academic and interpersonal skills to succeed in school admissions and beyond. We are the pioneer of UK and US admissions courses, which have proven to be effective at guiding students through the complex university application process.

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Ivy League Interview Workshop

In our Ivy League Interview Workshop, students will learn key interview tips and have the opportunity to complete mock-interviews and obtain vital feedback. Students will build interview skills with Ivy League graduates and be able to tackle Ivy League interviews with confidence.

Suitable age: 16+

Oxbridge Interview Workshop

Learn key tips and develop the skills required to succeed in the Oxford and Cambridge interviews. Students will undergo training, engage in mock-interviews, and receive detailed feedback throughout the course, preparing them to tackle their interviews with confidence.

Suitable Age: 16+

UCAS Personal Statement Course

Personal Statement and UCAS Help

If you’re seeking to apply to a range of top UK universities but need some extra assistance when it comes to writing your personal statement, our services may be of help. Designed and taught by our team of experienced UK advisors, our UCAS Personal Statement course is for students applying to UK universities through UCAS. In providing UCAS help, our team of experts at Aegis Advisors takes the time to understand each individual student in order to custom tailor a comprehensive and detailed approach.


Providing a Quality UCAS Personal Statement Course

In our UCAS Personal Statement Course, we get students started on the right track. Our team of subject-specific experts from Oxbridge and London Universities will provide students with live feedback as they guide them to writing a winning personal statement. By the end of the course, each student will have a completed draft of his or her UCAS application. Our mentorship programs have helped numerous students achieve acceptance letters to the universities of their dreams, and our track record is a testament to the results you can achieve through our UCAS Personal Statement Course.

Suitable age: 17+


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Admissions Advisory

If you are looking for a more comprehensive and personalised approach for university admissions, we also offer admissions advisory. Contact us to see how we can help.

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