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Whether you’re looking for private tutoring or specialized courses, our team of experienced tutors offers SAT and ACT test preparation to ensure your child is well prepared for admissions tests. Our tutors will ensure your child gets the necessary assistance through our intensive preparatory courses to get into his or her dream college.


The SAT is one of the two standardized tests used by most US universities for college applications. It gauges in part an applicant’s compatibility for university education. This test is split into reading, writing and math sections. There is an optional essay section as well. By taking the test, your child will have a better understanding of how his or her application will rank among other students in the admissions process. Understanding and knowing how your child’s application compares to other applicants will give your child an advantage in the admissions’ process, especially when applying to the Ivy Leagues.

Our preparation courses are conducted by our experienced and best in-class tutors in Hong Kong (HK). We currently offer one-on-one private tutoring, as well as specialized group courses catered to the different needs of the students.


The ACT is one of the two standardized exams used for the US university admissions process. Like the SAT, the ACT measures a student’s academic level and his or her readiness for college. The ACT is split into English, math, reading and science sections. There is also an ACT Plus Writing Test, which is an essay that assesses your child’s writing abilities.

If your child decides to take the ACT, the ACT Plus Writing Test is required by some colleges and optional for others. At Aegis Advisors, our ACT tutors provide the preparation necessary to get the scores you need.

We currently offer one-on-one private tutoring, as well as specialized group courses catered to the different needs of the students. Our classes are conducted by experienced ACT tutors.

SAT Subject Tests

The SAT Subject Tests give your child the chance to showcase his or her knowledge and achievements in specific subjects. These tests are either mandatory or optional.  We offer private tutoring in HK for a range of subjects. Contact us to schedule a trial lesson.

  • SAT Mathematics:  Math I, Math II
  • SAT Science: Biology: Ecological, Biology: Molecular, Chemistry, Physics
  • SAT English Literature
  • SAT History:  U.S. History, World History
  • SAT Languages: Chinese with Listening, Latin, Spanish, French, etc.

Other Services

In addition to SAT and ACT preparation, we also provide a range of other expertise, including university admissions advisory, private tutoring, and more.

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Since our founding, our tutors from Aegis Advisors have helped countless students achieve excellent results. Our students have successfully entered top US universities.


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