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2019 Summer Courses

2019 Summer Courses

SAT, ACT & SSAT Prep Courses

Scoring well on standardized admissions test is essential to getting accepted into top U.S. universities and boarding schools. We currently offer three different types of preparation courses catered to the different needs of students.

Essentials Courses

Our Essentials Courses are for students who are either beginning their test preparation or have more time for preparation before their actual test date. The course aims to help students build a solid foundation for the test. It will cover key topics and vital test taking strategies that are essential to achieving competitive scores.

Intensive Boot Camps

Our Intensive Boot Camps are best suited for students who want results fast and are working towards a looming test date. This shorter-term course will expose students to every aspect of the test, and teach them crucial test knowledge and strategies. Students will also do plenty of drill exercises under timed conditions.

Drills Sessions

Our Drills Sessions are for students who are already familiar with the standardized tests but need the extra help and guided practice to get a better score. Students will be given drill exercises under timed conditions to simulate the real test environment. Our test specialists will then go through the questions afterwards. Additionally, students can enjoy two complimentary full length mock tests, which are available and scheduled upon request.

IB Courses (Y12-13)

Suitable for Year 12-13 students

Extended Essay (EE)

Regardless of writing ability, the EE is an intimidating task for all students. Whether students need help coming up with a research question or editing a draft, we can help. Students will be paired one-on-one with an IB-specialist and given undivided attention in writing a winning EE.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Our Theory of Knowledge (TOK) specialists will work one-on-one with students, focusing on exploring the fundamentals of TOK, aiding them in cultivating a philosophical mindset, and providing them with essential presentation tips and essay help.

IB English Paper 1

The Paper 1 exam requires students to write a commentary analysis on unseen literary and non-literary texts. In this course, students will be trained to succeed on this exam by learning strategies for approaching unseen texts, techniques for critical analysis of communication, and skills for comparative textual analysis between audiences and purpose.

IB English Paper 2

The Paper 2 exam requires students to respond to one of six prompts using two literary texts they have studied in class. In this course, students will learn how to create study guides and gain a comparative understanding of literary texts which are essential to tackling an unseen prompt. The course will also familiarize students with the style of prompts most often seen in Paper 2 exam as well as strengthen their analytical essay writing skills.

Pre-IB Courses (Y9-11)

Suitable for Year 9-11 students

IB Prep Course

In this course, students will learn how to be critical consumers of research, conduct literature and discourse analysis, and be exposed to the fundamentals of IAs, TOK, CAS, the EE, and the skills necessary to excel in them. By the end of the course, students will have produced their own evidence-based essay, in which they construct a knowledge question and defend a knowledge claim.

Study Skills & Time Management

The IBDP is characterized by many long-term, comprehensive projects that require students to conduct self-led research and critical analysis. In this course, students will learn and practice the best strategies for note taking, time management, academic mindset, and memory techniques that are key to scoring well on IAs and exams. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with key study skills for success as IB students.

IB Reading & Writing

In this course, students will read classic and modern texts selected from writers on the IB Prescribed List of Authors. Students will be exposed to acclaimed writers such as Langston Hughes, Sylvia Plath and Oscar Wilde and will be given essay prompts to practice commentary writing. The course will challenge students to analyze and critique literary texts in order to develop the necessary textual analysis skills for the IBDP.

IB Course Selection & College Majors Workshop

This workshop offers students in-depth, professional guidance through the IB course selection process. Students will be introduced to a range of popular college majors and taught how to systematically research into their IB requirements. By the end of this workshop, students will have clarity on their future academic options and have figured out a tentative list of IB courses most appropriate for their academic and career goals.

US/UK University Admissions Courses (Y13/G12)

Suitable for Year 13/Grade 12 students

US University Applications Support

Need support on your Common Application and/or supplementary applications for US universities? Work one-on-one with an experienced member of our advisory team to brainstorm, edit, and perfect your application essays and put your best foot forward for admissions success.

Ivy League Interview Preparation

Learn key tips and develop the skills required to succeed in US college interviews. Students will undergo training, engage in mock interviews, and receive detailed feedback throughout the course, preparing them to tackle their interviews well and with confidence.

UCAS Personal Statement Support

Our UCAS Personal Statement Support package helps students get started on the right track for UK admissions. Our team of subject-specific experts from Oxford, Cambridge and other reputable UK universities will provide students with live feedback as they guide them to write a winning personal statement.

Oxbridge Interview Preparation

Learn key tips and develop the skills required to succeed in the Oxford and Cambridge interviews. Students will undergo training, engage in mock-interviews, and receive detailed feedback throughout the course, preparing them to tackle their interviews well and with confidence.

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2019 Summer Course Schedule

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