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An Overview of SAT Subject Tests

Chances are you’ve heard of the SAT exam and are familiar with its English and Mathematics sections. However, you may be less familiar with a different set of exams that the Collegeboard, the SAT parent company, also publishes. These exams are the SAT Subject Tests.

What are the SAT Subject Tests?

The SAT Subject Tests are a set of exams offered in 20 different subjects. Each exam is designed to measure your skills and knowledge in a particular area. For example, the SAT Subject Test in Physics will only measure your physics knowledge and problem solving skills.

How can I take the SAT Subject Test?

The SAT Subject Tests are offered at the same time as the normal SAT exam. Additionally, you may take up to three SAT Subject Tests on the same day. However, not all subjects are offered on the same dates and you should check the Collegeboard website for an exact schedule. Also, keep in mind that SAT Subject Tests cannot be taken together with the regular SAT on the same day.

What are the benefits of taking SAT Subject Tests?

Taking SAT Subject Tests can demonstrate your competence and mastery in a subject during the college admissions process. Thus, if you feel confident in a particular subject then you should consider taking the corresponding subject test to boost your college application. However, subject tests only help your application if you get a good score, so you should choose your subject exams carefully.

How do I prepare for SAT Subject Tests?

The best way to prepare for an SAT Subject Test is to take an AP course in the same subject. Both the AP and SAT Subject Tests are written by the Collegeboard. Additionally, the SAT Subjects Tests are similar in content and difficulty to the AP exams. However, the overlap is not perfect so it is advised to purchase a review book for the specific SAT Subject Test you want to take. Additionally, studying for an SAT Subject Test can be made even easier by hiring a private tutor. Private tutors are familiar with the structure, content, and expectations of the SAT Subject Tests. Many of them have also taken the same SAT Subject Tests themselves. Contact Aegis Advisors today for more private tutoring and SAT Subject Test information!

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