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Our team of experienced tutors provides expert SAT and ACT prep to ensure your child is ready for their admissions tests. Each student will receive a tailored approach to achieve their target scores and get them into their dream college.

Private in-person sessions or online classes are available. Whether it’s intensive, drill-heavy prep or building long-term foundations, Aegis has the SAT and ACT preparation tools and experience to ensure your child succeeds.

Our online classes take place via Zoom, utilizing a variety of materials to ensure that lessons are just as dynamic as in person. If you are interested in face-to-face classes, please click here for more information.


The SAT is one of two standardized tests used by most US universities for college applications. It gauges in part an applicant’s compatibility for university education and how well they have synthesized their secondary school teachings. We currently offer one-on-one private tutoring, in-person or online, catered to the different needs of our students in Hong Kong. All SAT classes are conducted by our experienced and committed tutors.

The SAT test is split into three main sections: Reading, Writing, and Math, with an  optional essay section as well. The Reading section is comprised of 52 multiple choice questions that students have 65 minutes to complete. The Writing section is comprised of 44 multiple choice questions that students have 35 minutes to complete. These two sections combine to form the Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Score, which is scored from 200-800.

The Math section is comprised of two subsections: a calculator active portion and a calculator inactive portion. The student will first take the calculator inactive portion which has 20 questions to be completed in 25 minutes. Afterwards there will be 38 calculator active questions to be completed in 55 minutes. Both subsections consist of multiple choice and grid-in questions. These two subsections add together to make the Math Score, which is also from 200-800.

This optional essay section is required by some but not all US universities. Students should check whether their interested schools require the essay or not before deciding whether to sit for it. For this section, students are given 50 minutes to write an essay analyzing a prompt and are given suggestions/guidelines to follow in the response. The essay has three separate scores based on reading, writing, and analysis, that are each on a range from 2-8, making the essay have a score range from 6 to 24.


The ACT is the other of the two standardized exams used for the US university admissions process. It is offered as a computer-based test for students testing at international (outside of the US) test centers. We currently offer one-on-one private tutoring, in-person or online, catered to the different needs of our students in Hong Kong. All ACT classes are conducted by our experienced and committed tutors.

Like the SAT, the ACT measures a student’s academic level and his or her readiness for college. However, the ACT does differ from the SAT in terms of content, structure, and scoring. Unlike the SAT, the English & Reading sections are scored separately, there is an entire Science section, and the Math section is entirely calculator active with no grid-in questions.

The ACT is split into four sections: English (75 questions in 45 minutes), Math (60 questions in 60 minutes), Reading (40 questions in 35 minutes), and Science (40 questions in 35 minutes). Each section is scored from 1 to 36. The four sections are then averaged together to create the ACT Composite Score, which is also scored from 1 to 36. Composite scores round up or down following standard rules, so for example a 28.5 and above would become a 29.

The ACT also includes an additional ACT Plus Writing Test, which is an essay that assesses your child’s writing abilities. Students are given 40 minutes to complete the Writing Test. The ACT Plus Writing Test is required by some colleges and optional for others. Similar to the SAT essay, it is recommended to check whether the interested universities require the Writing portion before registering for it.

SAT Subject Tests

The SAT Subject Test is a chance for your child to showcase their knowledge and achievements in specific subjects. These tests are either mandatory or optional depending on each university. We offer private tutoring at our center in Hong Kong for a full range of subject tests. Contact us to schedule a trial lesson.

  • SAT Mathematics:  Math I, Math II
  • SAT Science: Biology: Ecological, Biology: Molecular, Chemistry, Physics
  • SAT English Literature
  • SAT History:  U.S. History, World History
  • SAT Languages: Chinese with Listening, Latin, Spanish, French, etc.

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In addition to SAT and ACT preparation, we also provide a range of other expertise, including boarding school and university admissions advisory, private tutoring, and more. Click here for details.

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