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Important Changes to the SAT Tests

This week, the College Board announced major changes to the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. See below on what the changes entail and what they mean for you.

What are the changes?

The SAT will no longer offer the essay section after June 2021. Tests through the June 2021 administration will still have the optional essay section.
SAT Subject Tests are being eliminated and will no longer be administered at international test sites after June 2021. For US-based test takers, the Subject Tests have been canceled with immediate effect.

Click here for details from the College Board.

What does this mean for you?

Prior to this announcement, many colleges and universities had already made the essay portion of the SAT optional. If you had planned to do the essay section, this should be a welcome change. With one less section to tackle, you can now focus your preparation efforts on the SAT (without essay).

The elimination of the SAT Subject Tests may affect students who were preparing to apply to more competitive universities. Harvard and Georgetown, for example, strongly recommend students submit SAT Subject Tests. Other schools, like NYU, allow students to submit three SAT Subject Tests in place of the SAT or ACT. We expect these schools to change their policies around SAT requirements soon, so stay tuned for more updates.

In addition, with the cancellation of SAT Subject Tests, your grades and exams scores (i.e., IBs, APs, A-Levels, etc.) are expected to grow in importance. It is thus essential that you stay on top of your academics and do well on your exams.

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